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FORTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 140. 1872. 69 violating the internal revenue laws, or coimiving at the same, in cases of violations0f where such expenses are not otherwise provided for by law, eighty thou- i¤*¤¤*¤¤i ¤W¢¤¤¤ sand clollars ; and from and after the passage of this act the Secretary of la`;-Sl; S m the T rcnsury shall have power to employ not more thhu three persons to of th: ifggury assist the proper officers of the government in discovering and collecting m’*Y °mPl°7 ”°* any money belonging to the United States whenever the same shall be g,]!:;;!;," withheld by any person or corporation, upon such terms and conditions as collecting money he shall deem best for the interests of the United States ; but no compen— b“l°"€l“g t" sation shall be paid to such persons except out of the money and property azggzhtgkgigtgd so secured ; and no person shall be employed under the provisions of this SLM5- clause who shall not have fully set forth in a written statement, under ,?:§;t°fc§;: oath, addressed to the Secretary of the Treasury, the character of the gexismionz &¤. claim out of which he proposes to recover, or assist. in recovering moneys No P°”°“ *° for the United States, the laws by the violation of which the same have 3;l;,pI§,’fd’ been withheld, and the name of the person, firm, or corporation having i thus withheld such moneys; and if any person so employed shall receive Penalty upon or attempt to receive any money or other consideration from any person, $**9** P°'s°¤5 *`°’ firm, or corporation alleged thus to have withheld money from the United mlS°°°d°°t' States, except in pursuance of the written contract made in relation thereto with the Secretary of the Treasury, such person shall be deemed guilty of a, misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof shall be fined not less than one thousand dollars or imprisoned not less than two years, or both, in the discretion of any court of the United States having jurisdiction; and the person so employed shall be required to make report of his Report. proceedings under such contract at any time when required to do so by the Secretary of the Treasury. Light-House Board.-For chief clerk of the light-house board, two Liqhvhouse thousand dollars; two clerks of class four, two clerks of class three, one bowliclerk of class two, one clerk of class one, one female copyist, one messenger, and one laborer; in all, thirteen thousand eight hundred and sixty dollars. Bureau of Statistics. — For the officer in charge of the bureau of sta.- Bmw of mr tistics, two thousand five hundred dollars; chief clerk, two thousand dollars; mugs_ twelve clerks of class four, eight clerks of class three, ten clerks of class two, fivo clerks of class one, five copyists at nine hundred dollars each, one messenger, one laborer, and one charwoman at four hundred and eighty dollars ; in all, sixty-five thousand four hundrednud forty dollars. For temporary clerks for the Treasury Department, forty thousand Temporary dollars: Provided, That hereafter, 110 temporary clerk shall receive a clerks; _ greater compensation than at the rate of one thousand two hundred dol- mult ’*° '*b°u' lars pcr annum for the time actually employed. pay` For stationery for the Treasury Department and its several bureaus, Smiomxy fifty thousand dollars. For postage, newspapers, arranging and binding cancelled marine Postage, newnpapers, sealing ships’ registers, care of horses for mail and 0{lice wagon, Papers, C- repairs of wagons and harness, washing towels, investigation of accounts and records, brooms, brushes, crush, cotton cloth, cane, chs.n1ois-skins, dusters, Hour, keys, Iye, matches, nails, oil, powders, repairing handstamps, sponge, soap, tacks, wall-paper, and the other miscellaneous items requued for the current and ordinary business of the department, sixty- five thousand dollars. For furniture, such as carpets, desks, tables, chairs, shelving for file- pm-,,m,,,.,,&,,,_ rooms, boxes und repairs of furniture, cases, oil-cloth, matting, rugs. chaircovers and cushions, repairs, and laying of carpets, and other miscellaneous articles of the like character, twenty-five thousand dollars. For coal, wood, lighting the treasury building, baskets, books, spittoons, Fuel, Spc. drop-lights and tubing, files. blank-keys, water-coolers,tun1blers, hatchets, ice-picks, mail-sacks, match-safes and matches, pitchers, towels, traps,