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146 FORTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. H. Ch. 195. 1872. Civil estab- Civil establishment: For pay of writers and laborers, and for purposes 1i¤¤¤¤¢¤f— incidental to the support of the civil establishment under this bureau sgthe several navy-yards, twelve thousand dollars. _ • _ Contingent ox- For contingent expenses of the bureau of navrgatron : freight and P¤¤¤°¤· transportation of navigation materials ;instruments,· books, and stores; postage and telegraphirrg on public business; advertrsrnglfor proposals; packing-boxes and materials; blank books,_ forms, and stationery at nav1- gation offices, six thousand dollars. _ _ _ Charts, &e. For drawing, engraving, and printing and photo-lrthographrng charts, electrotyping and correcting old plates, preparing and publishing sailing directions, and other hydrographic information, seventeen thousand seven hundred dollars. SE“"’°Y°l” *l‘° For surveying in the Paciiic, nfty thousand dollars. P°°’B°' For making charts, twenty thousand dollars. Fuel, Src. For fuel, lights, and office furniture; care of building and other labor; purchase of books for library, drawing materials, and other stationery; postage, freight, and other contingent expenses, seven thousand dollars. For rent and repair of building, two thousand eight hundred dollars. N,,,,,; 0b,,,. For expenses of naval observatory, namely: vatory. For pay of one clerk, one thousand eight hundred dollars. For three assistant observers, four thousand five hundred dollars. For wages of one instrument-maker, one messenger, three watchmen, and one porter; for keeping grounds in order and repairs to buildings; for fuel, light, and office furniture; and for stationery, purchase of books for library, chemicals for batteries, postage, and freight, and all other con- '!`h¤¤¤? Md tingent expenses, thirteen thousand five hundred dollars. ggé? ° °‘° For computation for theory and tables of the moon, two thousand dollars. Transit-circle For Htting up transit—circle room, and completing its arrangement, one ’°°'°· thousand two hundred dollars. For transcribing astronomical observations upon sheets for publication, one thousand two hundred dollars. Tower, Src., For erection of tower and dome for the new refracting telescope, ten E'; Q"' “°l°` thousand dollars. deducting For payment, in part, for the great refracting telescope now in the t¢l¤¤<=¤r<=· course of construction, ten thousand dollars. N¤¤¥i¤¤l ¤l- For expenses of Nautical Almanac: m°°°‘°’ &°‘ For pay of computers and clerk for compiling and preparing for publicatipnl the American Ephemeris and the Nautical Almanac, twenty thousan dollars. El¤m°¤*¤. &¢·» For pre arin elements and tables of new lanets discovered b °f§::,}°£2f“°' American agtronbmers, three thousand dollars. P y For rent, fuel, labor, stationery, boxes, expresses, and miscellaneous B items, one thousand five hundred dollars. nm;‘°"f"“ °*` °"d‘ Bureau of Ordnance.- For one thousand two hundred and fifty bar- Gtmpswdsr, rela of gunpowder, twenty-five thousand dollars. xalmsl und For fuel and materials necessary in carrying on the mechanical ‘ branches of the ordnance department at the navy-yards and stations, one hundred thousand dollars. Laborers in For labor at all the navy—yards, three hundred thousand dollars: Prog§;};d'Qv§’S_°;,; vided, That lubprers shall be employed in the several navy—yards by the mm R, mu, proper officers rn charge with reference to skill and eiiiciency, and without Gi;. only. rcgprd to gpherhcorgsidcrations. rxpcriments o ena e the ecrotary of the Na, to car on his ex erimeI1i¤st0· ln i*°'“'V 9““”‘ wards converting heavy smooth-bore gllhs into filled guns, with a view to obtain a combination gun possessing the qualities of both smooth-bore and rifia forty thousand dollars. R¤P¤lf¤· Itor repairs ordinance buildings, magazines, gun-parks, machinery, and other necessarres of the like character, forty-seven thousand six hundred aud one dollars.