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150 FORTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 195. 1872. fires; lights; hre-engines and apparatus ; incidental labor atnavy-yards ; water-tax, and for toll and ferriages ; pay of the watchmen in the navy- yards; and for ilags, awnings, and packing-boxes, mne hundred thousand dollars. Bureau of Bureau of Meefeine and Surgery. -·- For support of the medical depart- ¤l¤di°i¤° md ment for surgeons’ necessaries for vessels in commission, navy-yards, naval °°Q€f;gg,,,,,,· stations, marine corps,. and coast survey, forty thousand dollars. neccssaries. For necessary repairs of naval laboratory, hospitals, and appendgges, h,§°T§f;",°§m_ including roads, wharves, outhouses, steam-heating apparatus, side-w ks, pnns, 32] fences, gardens, and farms, twenty-five thousand dollars. . g;,.;; smb- For pay of the civil establishment under this bureau : .At the hospital at iislélmggsi Chelsea, Massachusetts, seven thousand seven hundred and eighty-two doll lars. New York; At the hospital, New York, eleven thousand three hundred and thirty- six dollars. Philadelphia; At the hospital, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, six thousand nine hundred and ninety dollars. _ W¤¤hi¤St<>¤l At the hospital, Washington, District of Columb1a,five thousand five hundred and sixty-eight dollars. A¤¤¤P¤H¤l At the hospital, Annapolis, Maryland, four thousand Eve hundred and twelve dollars. N°¤`°U*l At the hospital, Norfolk, Virginia, Eve thousand four hundred and six dollars. P°“”°°I°i At the hospital, Pensacola, Florida, five thousand and ninety-four dollars. Mare Island; At the hospital, Mare Island, California, eight thousand eight hundred and sevenly·two dollars. _ lgbqmlqi-y, At the naval laboratory, New York, six thousand four hundred dol- New York. ]m·S_ Navy-yard at At the navy-yard, Kittery, Maine, one thousand two hundred and Kim"'}'? ninety dollars. Charlestown; At the navy-yard, Charlestown, Massachusetts, one 'thousand four hundred and eighty dollars. New York; At, the navy—yard, New York, one thousand four hundred and eighty dollars. Phiindclplris- At the navy-yard, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, one thousand four hundred and eighty dollars. washington; At the navy-yard, Waslrington, District of Columbia, one thousand four hundred and eighty dollars. Norfolk; At the navy-yard, Norfolk, Virginia, one thousand four hundred and eighty dollars. _ Annapolis. At the navy-yard, Annapolis, Maryland, one thousand two hundred and forty-two dollars. New eration, At the naval station, Mound city, Illinois, one thousand four hundred M°““°l ‘»*°Y· and eighty dollars. Contingent or- FOP Colltlllgwli 0Xp€l’lS6S of the bureau, freight on medical stores, transponies. portation of insane patients to the government hospital, advertising, telegruphing, purchase of books, expenses attending the naval medical board of examiners, purchase and repair of wagons, harness, purchase and feed gfuhorses, cows, trees, garden-tools, and seeds, twenty-five thousand o ars. vigxgzlsl Bureau of Provisions and Olothing. -—For provisions for the officers, ,,,`_ seamen, and marines, one million five hundred and forty-seven thousand Provisions. and six hundred dollars. p_“};"· _ lior purchase of water for ships, forty thousa11d dollars. Nip; t<fiLsl1;l¤¤h— bu:;;:; psy of the civil establishment at the several navy-yards under this }'!|.I‘( H ‘ in Boston. At the navy-yard, Boston, Massachusetts: Two writers, one to pay- mastcr and one to inspector of provisions and clothing, at one thousand