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178 FORTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 233. 1872. Pawnees. September twenty-fourth, eighteen hundred and fifty-seven, ten thousand dollars. For pay of one farmer, two blacksmiths and two apprentices, one miller and apprentice, one engineer, and two teachers, five thousand seven hundred and eighty dollars. For pay of physician and purchase of medicines, one thousand dollars. For the purchase of iron and steel and other necessaries for the shops, five hundred dollars. For the purchase of farming utensils and stock, one thousand two hundred dollars. For repair of grist and saw mills, three hundred dollars. P For trapsposltation gnldlpecessary cost of delivery of annuities for the awnees wo thousand dollars. For this amount, or so much thereof as may be necessary, for the erection of two school-houses for the use and benefit of the Pawnee tribe of Indians, including dormitories for the children attending the manual-labor school, and for providing school-furniture, four thousand five hundred dollars. For this amount, or so much thereof as may be necessary, for the em. ployment of three teachers and two assistant teachers, and providing the gchpols with fuel, books, and stationery, three thousand nine hundred 0 ars. VPpnctx's. Poncas.-—For ninth of ten instalments (second series), to be paid to ° · "“· P· 99* them or expended for their benefit, ten thousand dollars. · For this amount, to be expended during the pleasure of the President, 1n`furn1shing such aid and assistance in agricultural and mechanical pursuits, including the working of the mill, as provided by second article treaty of March twelfth, eighteen hundred and sixty-eight, as the Secretpry ofdthe Interior may consider advantageous and necessary, seven tiousan five hundred dollars. For this amount, or so much thereof as may be necessary, to be used at the discretion of the President, to carry on the work of aiding and instructing the Poncas in the arts of civilization, with a view to their self- Pomwummm sugport, and for subsistence and clothing, ten thousand dollars. · cttw t '.—F‘ ‘ · vs. vt. t. ti. treaty .-..~”‘1(2.’§f.3 tt.;i.t2;z:2:¤;.z:2;t‘>;;: §lZ§5,1-}3$§ T2.`LE“iZtT§1‘ZS andweighteen dollars and thirty-five cents. l Ve»1.vii. p. 114. l or permanent annuity, in silver, per third article treaty of September

l1;p€eth,e1gl;iteen hundred and nine, two hundred and nine dollars and

Ig een cen s. Vc>I.vii.p.1S5. Fog pernganent annuity, in silver, per third article treaty of October 3i3i>;S» atxg Egilltyllggéléed Band eighteen, one thousand and forty-five __ - c n s. V°l·V*¤· P- 3*7* mlgr permanelnt annuity, in money, per second article treaty of Sep- .er. wentiet , eighteen hundred and twenty-eight, eight hundred and V0] VY 320 thipyx-s§}Id]plg;¤;1(;sl;¤tnd sixtynine cents. · *·P· · _ _ ¤¤¤w y. m specie, per second article treaty of July gweéxtyginth, eighteen hundred and twenty-nine, six thousand six huniea an ninety-three dollars and fifty-eight cents. pplr educationsi purposes, five thousand dollars. _ permanen provision for payment of money in lieu of tobacco

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