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xxii LIST OF PUBLIC ACTS OF CONGRESS. Pzga . dewreha Land t Omaha, Nebraska. An act to confirm the purchase by the executive P pigment, gn the eighth September, eighteen hundred and sixty-eight, of a certain tract 617 of land at Omaha, Nebraska. March , 1873, ch. 804 t. dl st. Ci] 1. . Oh Z M . An act to authorize the Secretary of the Navy to convey 0 e Cl y 0 e sea, 6 smh/Iasgiliusetts, certain land for the use of a street. Niaroh 3,81873,fch. .1 .d .· 1 . 618 La dsIowa. An act to authorize the President to ascertain tier ue officer in an s in ie n gztate of Iowa north of the Raccoon Fork of the Des Moines wer lhgli segtgegg 618 under the pre-emption and homestead laws of the United Stgtpii nrc: 23 · , c . th TS. A t to vide for the establishment 0 e·saving s tions on e LW-smcfeqsts iizf€$:iine, 1x31e?: Hamgghire, Massachusetts, Virginia, and North Carolina. March 619 3, 1873, ch. 307 _ . .· Dist 'cz o Columbia, An act to amend an act entitled "An act governing the colored schools n oijthe District of Columbia." March 3, 1873, ch. 308 . 619 ` C t S Id' ’ M t As rciation. An act donating con emne cannon an Wynmgiilnndhyhlgllsamlihz Wyioliiiliiig Coniity Soldiers' Monument Associatwn. March 3, 1873, 620 ch. 309 . 0 et rounds on Fort Gratiot Miizlan; Reservation. An act to authorize the Secretery_of em eg/V-gr to survey, plat: and sell the `present cemetery grounds upon the Fort Gratiot military reservation in Michigan, an for other purposes. March 3, 1873,. 310 I. . 620 Public Buildings in Pittsburgh, Pa. An act: to purchase a site for a public building in Pittsburgh. March 3, 1873, ch. 311 . ... . . .‘ . 621 Milita Road. An act providing for the completion of the military road from Santa Fe to Ciaos, in the Territory of New Mexico. March 3, 1873, ch. 312 . 621 Carondelcl versus the United States. An act to confer jurisdiction on the court 0i' claims to hear and determine the suit of Carondelet versus the United States. March 3, 1873, ch. 313 621 Internal Revenue Laws. An act to place at the disposal of the commissioner of internal revenue certain copies of the new compilation of internal revenue laws. March 3, 1873, ch. 814 622 Kansas Valley National Bank of Topeka. An act authorizing the Kansas Valley National Bank of Topeka, in the State ofalfzinsas, to change its name to the F 1I’St National Bank 622 of Topeka. March 3, 1873, ch. 5 . . Irrigiition of the Sun Joaquin, Sacramento and Yizlare Valleys. An s,ctto_provi<1e for aboard of commissioners to report il. system of irrigation for the San Joaquin, Sacramento, and Tulare, in California: March 3, 1878, ch. 316 ... 622 Indians nt Camp McDermit. An act for the temporary relief of the Indians at Camp McDermit, in Humboldt County, Nevada. March 3, 1873, ch. 317 Z . 628 Grillli Verein Association. An act to amend the charter of the Griitli Verein Association. 623 March 3, 1873, ch. 318 ... "'I Indians in the Central Supernztendency. An not repealing an act entitled "An act for the relief of certain Indians in the Central superintendency," approved June tenth, eighteen hundred and seventy-two 023 An act supplemental to an act entitled "An act for the relief of certain Indians in the Central superintendency,” approved June tenth, eighteen hundred and seventy-two, and to settle, by commission, all rights and equities respecting the property to which said not refers. March 3, 1873, ch. 319 .. . . . . . 623 Moizunienz qt Salisbury, North Carolina. An act authorizing the Secretary of War to have a monument erected at Salisbury, North Carolina, to the memory of the soldiers who died in prison and nre there buried. March 3, 1873, ch. 320 _ . . . 625 Reservation of the Crow Indians in Montana. An act to authorize the Secretary of the Interior to negotiate with·the chiefs and head men of the Crow tribe of Indians for the surrender of tgijir reservation or a part thereof in the Territory of Montana. March 3, 1873, 26 c i, ‘ ‘ ,. . . ‘ . 6 Reservation q/the Creek Indians. An act to authorize the Secretary of the Interior to negotiate with the Crock Indians for the uession of a portion of their reservation occupied by friendly indians. March 3, 1873, ch. 322 . . . . . . . . . . .. 626 Portage Lake and Lake Superior Ship Cano!. An act extending the time for the completion of the Portage Lake and Lake Superior ship canal. March 3, 1873, ch. 323 . . . . . 627 Iniprovenients in the Nez Pcrce Indian Reservation. An act to enable the commissioner of Indian aftmrs tolpurchase and pay for certain improvements within the Nez Perce Indian Re - ervation in the Territory of Idaho. March 3, 1873, ch. 324 .. 627 Bridge across the llriissouri 7fiver neor Lexington, M0. An act to authorize the construction of a. bridge across the Mnssoum river at or near the city of Lexington, in the State of Missourx, and to establish it as a post—r0ad. March 3, 1873, ch. 325 . . . . . 627 Gewyeigwn Gas—lig% Ccaniggarizgu Aln to extend the works of the Georgetown Gas-light ompany. arci , , c 1. ‘ ... 629 Steam-boi/er Explosions. An act to authorize inquiries into the causes of steam-boiler exp1o· sions. March 3, 1873, ch. 327 . . . . . . .. 629