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232 FORTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. IL Ch. 315. 1872. From Anwar, cepting percussion caps, watches, jewelry, and other articles of ornamepg, %y§7t%br:t:?nggi¤— Ijromded, That all wn·e-rope and wire strand or chain made of iron-mpg, W wm of the either bright, coppered, galvanized, or coated with_other metals, shall pay duties new im- the same rate of duty that is now levied on the 1ron wire of which said $:;‘l,(;‘l;°“&c , rope or strand or chain is made; and all wire·rope and wire str-and or ` P ’ " chain made of steel wire, either bright, coppered, galvanized, or coated with other metals, shall pay the same rate of duty that IS now levied on the steel wire of which said rope or strand or chain is made. exiggparkgc-. On all paper, and manufactures of paper, excepting nnsized printing bwkl; paper, books and other printed matter, not herein specifically provided ' for. &;“d;:§'“0l;1b°'• On all manufactiues of India rubber, gutta-percha, or straw, and on oil. c;,,,},,,,cloths of all descriptions. wgllgss and glass-f fn, glasphand glassware, and on unwrought pipe—clay, fine clay, and ’ u ers ear . leather. Src-; On all leather not otherwise herein provided for, and on all mannfaetures of skins, bone, ivory, horn, and leather, except gloves and mittens, 1;,,,,,-,,;% pam, and of which either of said articles is the component part of chief value; &¤- and on liquoriee paste 01* liquorice juice. MTE per cept Sec. 3. That on and after the first day of October next there shall be mul, *5*3; :M;' collected and paid on all goods, wares, and merchandise of the growth or October_1, 1872, produce of coimtries east of the Cape of Good Hope (except wool, raw 3¤0°°*rg*:;:c€°:,§¤· cotton, and raw silk as reeled from the cocoon, or not further advanced 00,,,%,,,,, em of than tram, thrown, or organzine), when imported from places west of the ge t;ap:h<;EGppé1 Cape of Good Hope, a duty of ten per centum_ad valorem, in addition to P · · · the duties limpospldt lpn any stack articée when 1mp0rted directly from the _ _ I p ace or p aces o eir growt or pro uction. oflgolgpsrlggtm Src. 4. That on and after the first day of August, eighteen hundred from August ln, and seventy-two, in lieu of the duties heretofore imposed bylaw on the 1812, upon artigps mengioned m thisdsectioné there shall Ibe levied, collected, and paid on e goo s, wares an mere an ise in t is section enumerated impopped from foreign countries, the following duties and rates of duty; that 18 say: Ofpgguggtnres Qn all burlaps, and like manufactures of flax, jute, or hemp, or of ’ " which flax, jute, or hemp shall be the component material of chief value, noomloth can-excepting such as may be suitable for bagging for cotton, thirty per vus, cmombugs pxppgumfagavdorem; pin all oil-cloth foundations or floor-cloth canvas, 3;,,,- ’ e o x, jute, or emp or of which flax 'ute h h ll b th , component material of chief value, forty per ,cl—zntdmradewll¤l.l)o1$eri1; oli all bags, cotton Jing bagging; ind all opher like manufactures, not herein 0 erwise provi or,excep agging or cotton composed wholly or in pgptcprfhflgxgéiimlggrgum gunny-cloth, gunny-bags: or other material, forty m. ·¤¤?&`§$i?’7 ag? £ZE{’;“?r'3’.2’§.2ZZ,i’§T133iZ?l%.Z2.“1°g'“ph"°“‘°°*’° “‘°“° “““"’ °f ce t c.; 7 __ · ` hduillons, Src.; Hvggmbtglglgillg ao; cainnetille, and metal threads, hlé or gespinst, twenty- va orem. Gmerya PM2:] Cmery 0115, six dollars a ton; and on emery grains, two cents a ¤°¤‘l¤» &<=-: gn corks and cork bark, manufactured, thirty per centum ad valorem. , _ ¤ 86165, Mmely, acetic, acetous, and pyroligneous of specific ravity ‘°“l'v of 1.047 or less five cents d- ‘ g of S em; _ a per_p0un , acetic, acetous, and pyroligneous p c gravity over 1.047 ,_thirty cents per pound; carbol1c,l1qu1d, ten ppp centum ad valorem; galhc, one dollar per pound; sulphuric, firming ( ordhausen), one cent per pound; tannic, one dollar per pound; tartaric, fifteen cents per pound.

  • °°m¤¤· 6 On acetates of ammonia, twenty-five cents per pound; baryta, twenty-

ve cents per pound; copper, ten cents per pound; iron, twenty-five cents per pound, lead, brown, five cents per pound; white, ten cents per pound;