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282 F ORTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 327, 832-334. 1872. mgm and na- SEC- 2. That nothing in this act contained shall be so construed as in bilities of bunk any manner to release the said bank from any liability or afect any action “°* “H°°“d‘ or proceeding in law in which the said bank may be a party or interested. Notice, And when such change shall have been determined upon, as aforesaid, notice thereof and of such change shall be published in two weekly papers in the city of Annapolis not less than four weeks. Name u, be Sec. 3. That whenever the location of said bank shall have been Traders‘ Natimg- changed from the city of Annapolis to the city of Baltimore, in accordgig";}. °é?“m' ancewith the Emi: section of this act, its name shall be changed to the Traders Nzmona.1 Bank of Buitxmoro, 1f the board of duechors of sand bank shall accept the new name by resolution of the board, and cause a. copy of such resolution, duly authenticated, to be Bled with the comptroller of the currency. Obligation of Sec. 4. That all the debts, demands, liabilities, rights, privileges, and gm]; “”d°' ”°" powers of the First National Bank of Annapolis shall devolve upon the ' Traders’ National Bank of Baltimore whenever such change of name is effected. When me Sec. 5. That this act shall take effect; and be in force from and after its ilk0B GEBGL PaSsagc APPROVED, June 7, 1872. June 8, 1872- CllAP. CCC3(XXII2-—gn Act t<}arr;;ndJzn jcgentitled “An xt to regulate the dipamatic an com ar stem 0 t it t l ,” A tht th,

8£fhé 1g‘ eighteen hundred atizdfijlj-six. S n a es apprrm agus ug em

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United

 Consul author- States of America in Congress assembled, That Schedule C of section three
 S¤¤W°m» of un act entitled "An act to regulate the diplomatic and consular systems

` of the United States," approved August eighteenth, eighteen hundred and gity-six, be amended so as to add to the consuls in Brazil a. consul at antarem. A1>rR0vm1>, June 8, 1872. Jvrw 8, 1872- CHAP. CCCXXXIII.—~An Act to amend an Act entitled “An Act regulating Proceed- 1€6i gm Z¤ §r!;;:;<jé gam, and jbr other Purposes," approved March third, eighteen hun- 0 . xm. p. . " - Be it enacted Zgy the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Clhxlleneas, Suites of America in Congress assembled, That section two of the act

‘Q;c’§;0’: md entitled "An act regulating proceedings in criminal cases, and for other

gaping] mes; purggsesfé behertl the 885}.16 i; herelg, amegrged to read as follows : in Lrinlg for 1:0. . e1 w 1611 16 0 bnce arge e treason or e. capital offence °m0f *`°]<>¤1°¤i the clcikmdzmtz shall be entitled be twenty and the United States to tive

 ctlgzr eases, percmptory challenges. Ou the trial of any other felony, the defendant

gm'; “" °"m" shall be entitled to ten and the United States to three pcremptory challenges; and in all other cases, civil and criuiiual, each party shall be enwhere time mlcd be three peremptory challenges; and 111 all cases where there are t'!;(f:;;’;‘*&:‘ several defendants or several plaintiffs, the parties on each side shall be deemed a single party for the purposes of all challenges under this section. to be tried by All challenges, whether to the array or pane], or to individual jurors, for

  • 1*** °°u”· cause or favor, shall be tried by the court without the aid of tricrs.”

APPIIOVED, June 8, 1872. June 8. 1§l CHAP. CCCXXXIV.—An Ae-: to provid h ld' 0‘ 1 0 h U 5;,4 {§¥•2n;lcgm States in and for the west:r{)Zz'.;ri;i'%falMi;;;?4ii. awt (ifi 8 n . , c 1. ‘ . Pvsl. p. 476-] Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Re ° ' . { presematwes of the United fo3m‘j3;;‘ (;°° States of America m Congress assemeled, That a. circuit court; of the United States m and for the western d1str1ct of Missouri shall hereafter be held