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290 FORTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 335. 1872. routes between San Francisco, Japan, and China, between San Francisco and Honolulu §’::&£‘°;';$S°°’ (Hawaiian Islands), and New York to Rio Janeiro, who shall be allowed, China: out of the appropriation for transportation of the mail, an annual salary Salary. of two thousand dollars each. _ _ _ GEMM Om; S20. 38. That the Postmaster—Geuera1 may estabI1sh, m conuecuou nggncyat dhwgai with the mail steamship service to Japan and China, a general postal £:;·“g;·E";£S agency at Shanghai, China, or at Yokohama, Japan, with Such branch gagencies at any other ports in China and Japan as he shall deem necessary for the prompt and eflicieut management of the postal service in those countries, and he may pay the postal agents employed thereat a. reasonable compensation for their services, in addition to the necessary expenses for rent, furniture, clerk-hire, and incidental expenses. Route agents Sino. 39. That the Postmaster-General may employ as many route- Md thm Pay- agents as may be necessary for the prompt and safe transportation of the mail, who shall be paid out of the appropriation for transportation of the mail. at the rate of not less than nine hundred nor more than one thousand two hundred dollars per annum. Clerks in mm S20. 40. That the Postmaster-General may appoint clerks for the purway post offices. pose 01"assortirxg and distributing the mail in railway post-0{Iices, who shall be paid out of the appropriation for transportation of the mail, at the rate of not more than one thousand four hundred dollars per annum to the head clerks, nor more than one thousand two hundred dollars per annum to the other clerks. Account; of Sec. 41. That the accounts of the postal service shall be kept in such a gg’;2l;;‘;;'f;£’ manner as to exhibit the amount of revenues derived respectively from show 8,,,0unt of “ letter-postage ; " “book, newspaper, and pamphlet postage ;" " regisreyenqc from cer- terecl letters ; " “ box-rents and branch offices ;" “ postage-stamps and enxggfbmnt velopes ;" “dead-letters; " “ lines and penalties ; " " revenue from money- order business ;" and " miscellaneous ;" and the amount of expenditures for each of the following objects, namely: “Transportation of the mail;" “ compensation of postmasters ; " “ compensation of letter-carriers ; " “ compensation of clerks for post-offices ;" "compcnsation ofblank-agents and assistants; " " mail depredations and special agents ; " " postagestamps and envelopes ; " "ship, steamboat, and way letters;" “dcad-letters ;" “ umil—begs ;" " mail locks and keys ; " and " postmarking and cancelling stamps ; " "wrapping-paper ; " " twine ;" "1ettcr-balances ; "" officefurniture ; " " advertising ;" “ balances to foreign countries ;"’ " rent, light, and fuel for post-offices;" and " stationery " and ‘*miscellaneous." Unclaimed Sec. 42. That unclaimed money in dead-letters for which no owner can

3¤{/emxuand be found; all money taken from the mail by robbery, theft, or otherwise,

other moneys to which may come into the hands of any agent or employee of the United be <lopositc<l as Smtos, or any other person whatever; all Hnes and penalties imposed for any {_’é’;;x;:°¥f°S*“l violation of the postal laws, except such part as may by law belong to the informer or party prosecuting for the same; and all money derived from the sale of waste paper or other public property of the Post—oiHce Department, shall be deposited in the treasury, under the direction of the Post- Revemm from master-Gencml, as part of the postal revenue. And the Postmasterwsesgsfdcf General is hereby directed to cause to be placed to the credit of the ‘ Treasurer of the United States for the service of the Posuollice Depart mont, the not proceeds of the money-order business ; and the receipts of the Post-office Department derived from this source during each quarter shall be entered by the auditor of the Treasury for the Post—office Department, in the uicounts of said department, under the head of " revenue from money-or or usiness.” m5g¤t§g¤¤bl¤%>;— Srcc. 43. That all postages, box-rents, and other receipts at post-oflices nccodnmyfot M shall be accounted For as part of the postal revenues; and any part thereof part or postal which the postmaster has neglected to collect, he shall be charged with and ’°V°¤¤°=*· &°· held accountable for the same as if he had collected it. L¤¤k·b<>¤¢¢¤ Sec. 44. That postmasters may allow box-holders who desire to do so