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432 FORTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 131. 1873. thereof in coin or bars, as soon as practicable after the value has been _Fund may be ascertained ; and on payment i.l1E1‘0Of being made, the bullion so deposited W’*hd“*"’“· shall become the property of the United States; but the Secretary of the Treasury may at any time withdraw the fund, or any portion thereof Assay comma,- Sec. 48. That to secure a due conformity in the gold and silver coins ¤i<>{¤¢F¤ M wit to their respective standards of iineness and weight, the judge of the dis-

 °°"“ trlct court of the United States for the eastern district of Pennsylvania,

` the comptroller of the currency, the assayer of the assay-office at New York, and such other persons as the President shall, from time to time, when ond designate, shall meet as assay-commissioners, at the mint in Philadelphia,

    • )******9 to examine and test, in the presence of the director of the mint, the lineness and weight of the coins reserved by the several mints for this purpose, on the second Wednesday in February, annually, and may continue

their meetings by adjournment, if necessary; if a majority of the commisif o majority sioners shall fail to attend at any time appointed for their meeting, the

    • 6 ¤°*PF€$°¤*· director of the mint shall call a. meeting of the commissioners at such

other time as he may deem convenient; and if it shall appear by such Test to be re- examination and test that these coins do not differ from the standard fineg>¤¢¢<}f¤?;¤ti¤*“¤<=· ness and weight by a greater quantity, than is allowed by law, the trial 2;*,,;, is ,,0, shall be considered and reported as sausfactory; but if any greater deviasotisfactory, fact tion from the legal standard or weight shall appear, this fact shall be _ 31§"0H?g;‘;;l» certified to the President of the United States; and if on a view of the em, to be di,. circumstances of the case, he shall so decide, the officer or officers implicated q¤¤lUi¢d· in the error shall be thenceforward disqualified from holding their respective offices. Stand,,,; troy Sec. ¢t9. That for the purpose of securing la' due conformity in weight

  (punt of the coins of Ithe United States to the provisions pf. this act, the brass

Smeg troy—pound weight procured by the minister of the Lnited States at London, in the year eighteen hundred and twenty-seven, for the use of the mint, and now in the custody of the mint at Philadelphia, shall be the standard troy pound of the mint of the United States, conformably to which the coinave thereof shall be rerrulated. $,,,,,,,,,1 Sec. 50. Thad: it shall be the duty bf the director of the mint to procure weights for each for each mint and assay-office, to be kept safely thereat, a series of stand-

,‘;P“d ’·’”‘Y‘ ard weights corresponding to the aforesaid troy pound, consisting of a one-

' pound weight and the requisite subdivisions and multiples thereof, from the hundredth part of a grain to twenty-five pounds; and the troy weights ordinarily employed in.the transactions of such mints and assay-offices to be ,.0,,,,],,,,,,; shall be regulated according to the above standards at least once in every and t¤¤¤¤<1 www- year, under the inspection of the superintendent and assayer ; and the mY' accuracy of those used at the mint at Philadelphia shall be tested annually, in the presence of the assay-commissioners, at the time of the annual examination and test of coins. Obverse ,,.0,.k- Site. 51. That the obverse working-dies at each mint shall, at the end i¤g-dies nt ¢¤¢h of each calendar year, be defaccd andbdestroyed by the coiner in the presmm m M d°` ·* f the su erintendent and assa er. stroyed at, &c. Bnu O p _ _ Y Dies orooo- Src. 52. That dies of a national character may be executed by the E0?] °£i'*°;°’·_ engraver, and national and other medals struck by the coiner of the mint Qilaynm, :,:H`u_m° at Philadelphia, under such regulations as the superintendent, with the gp,.OV;,0_ approval of the director of the mint, may prescribe: Provided, That such work shall not interfere with the regular coinage operations, and that no private medal dies shall be prepared at said mint, or the machinery or apparatus thereof be used for that purpose. Monevs from Srzc. 53. That the mone s arising from all char es and deductions on gl;¢;;g)c;¤¤£;<l•:;0 and from gold and silver biillion and the manufactdle of medals, and from be cover;,, ,1,;,, all other sources, except as hereinbefore provided, shall, from time to the treasury: time, be covered into the treasury of the United States, and no part of no parties such deductions or medal charges, or profit on silver or minor coinage, salaries. Sw- shall be expended in salaries or wages ; but all expenditures of the mints