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FORTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 227. 1873. 517 ton, at a rate not exceeding forty dollars per linear mile, estimated distance sixty miles, two thousand four hundred dollars. For survey of so much of the eastern boundary of New Mexico as lies Survey of between the northwest corner of Texas and the thirty-seventh parallel of b°I‘f,‘;*:`f*‘§{;£c0_ north latitude, at a rate not exceeding forty dollars per linear mile, esti- ` mated distance thirty-five miles, one thousand four hundred dollars. For survey of the boundary between the Territories of Idaho and l>¢lW¢¤¤_l<l¤l¤<> Wasliingtori, at a rate not exceeding sixty dollars per linear mile, esti- and Wasbmgmm mated distance one hundred and eighty miles, ten thousand eight hundred dollars. For occasional examinations of the public surveys in the several sur- Examinations veying districts, in order to test the accuracy of the work in the field, ten of Pllbllc S¤YV°Y¤· thousand dollars. · For expenses of survey, appraisement, and other contingent expenses Survey, Seq, for carrying out the provisions of the act of February twenty-fourth, Qi ¥;§;‘;$;3;:;‘f‘ eighteen hundred and seventy-one, providing for the sale of useless mili- iléyr eh_ 6g_ ’ tary reservations, twenty thousand dollars. *’<>l· >¤'l· P- 430- For survey of exterior boundaries of Indian reservations, and sub- l“dl”“ *°$”"°·‘ dividing portions of the same, two hundred thousand dollars. mms` Expenses of the Collection of Revenue from Sales of Public Lands.-- Collection of For salaries and commissions of registers ot" land-offices and receivers of gfgdc public moneys at ninety-two land-offices, tour hundred and ninety-eight lands. thousand seven hundred dollars. R$’Sl“"S *’-nd For incidental expenses of the landbflices, including rents, fifty-five mi;;ii{§,,t,,l€x_ thousand and Forty dollars. penses. For expenses of depositing moneys received from sales of public lands, d€E;l’g’;S“S °* thirteen thousand dollars. P g` To meet the expenses of suppressing depredations upon the timber on d S“%P’€SSl¤8 the public lands, eight thousand dollars. uggzctfgfggi For this amount, or S0 much tl1€X'€Of aB may be H€C€sSaI‘y, to defray Expenses of the expenses. connected with the appraisal and sale of the tracts of land in i‘*l°* Mai °f °"' . , am Indian lands the State of Nebraska, belonging to the Omaha, Pawnee, Otoe and Mis- m Ngbyagkav souria, and the Sac and Fox of Missouri tribes of Indians, in accordance 1872, ¤lr 436- with the provisions of an act entitled "An act for the relief of certain AMS p'391‘ tribes of Indians in the Northern superintendency " approved June tenth, eighteen hundred and seventy-two, twenty thousand dollars, said amount to be reimbursed from the proceeds of the sale of said lands. Metropolitan Police. —- For salaries and other necessary expenses of the Metropolitan metropolitan police for the District of Columbia, two hundred and seven P°llb€· thousand five hundred and thirty dollars: Provided, That a Further sum, amounting to one hundred and three thousand seven hundred and sixty- Washington five dollars, shall be paid to defray the expenses of the said metropolitan g";O(;f;`;‘{)€l";;°w“ police force by the cities of Washington and Georgetown, and the county gpemr mg to of Washington, beyond the limits of said cities, in the District of Colum- R6 levies wd bia, in the proportion corresponding to the number of privates allotted pz3i1g3i_ °€X` severally to said precincts; and the corporate authorities of said cities, and proper authorities of the District of Columbia, are hereby authorized and required to levy a special tax, not exceeding one-third of one per centum, which shall be specially deposited once in each week, as such collections are made, to be appropriated and expended for said purpose only, for the service of the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-four: Provided further, That the annual report of the ,;,,,,,,,,,1 ygpgrf, board of metropolitan police commissioners shall hereafter be made to the l<{=?¤0F¤€y-G¢¤- Attorney-General of the United States, who shall also be charged with B"' , the disbursement of this appropriation. Government Hospz'tal for the Insane. —— For the support, clothing, med- h g}Q:**{*i]m*?;t ical, and moral treatment of the insane of the army and navy, revenue- ,1;;,H;; °r °

  • cutter, and volunteer service. who may have become insane since their

v_ entry into the service of the United States, and of the indigent insane of