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FORTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 249. 1873. 583 the provisions of this act. The said commissioners from civil life shall Pay, &o.·, of hold their offices for the term of three years, and shall be paid five dollars m°mb°”· a day while on duty, and necessary travelling expenses; and the said officers of the army shall, at all times, be subject to removal by the Secretary of War. Sec. 3. That the Secretary of War shall, with said commissioners, _Ifriso¤ to_be semi-annually, and as much oftener as may be deemed expedient, visit vlsllfd "g““'““;i said prison for the purposes of examination, inspection, and correction; llxlbglt p(;}.lm and they shall inquire into all abuses or neglects of duty on the part Pomof the officers or other persons in charge of the same, and make such changes in the general discipline of the prison as they may hold to be essential. Sec. 4. That the officers of the prison shall consist of a commandant 0mm-S 0; and such subordinate officers as may be necessary, a chaplain, a surgeon, R’lS<>¤· 9·¤d 88- and a clerk, who shall be detailed by the Secretary of War from the com- Simms' missioned officers of the army; and a sufficient number of enlisted men shall be detailed by the Secretary of War to act as turnkeys, guards, and assistants in the prison. Sec. 5. That one of the inspectors of the army shall, at least once in An armygnthree months, visit the prison for the purpose of examining into the books :§g°°°l`Sl’° ""”’ and all the affairs thereof, and ascertaining whether the laws, rules, and Ormgllsosnggiu regulations relating thereto are complied with, the officers are compe- three m09th8i tent and faithful, and the convicts properly governed and employed, and m:,;:,g“°°s me at the same time treated with humanity and kindness. And it shall be the duty of the inspector, at once, to make full report thereof to the Secretary of War. Site. 6. That before the commandant enters upon the duties of his office Cognmzmdant he shall give bond, with sufficient sureties, in a sum to be fixed by the g£g’({{s°“ m g“'° Secretary of WVar, to be approved by him, conditioned that he shall faith- ' fully account for all money placed in his hands for the use of the prison and for the faithful discharge of all his duties as commandant. He shall his duties and have command of the prison; shall have the charge and employment of P°W°”i the prisoners, and the custody of all the property of the government connected with the prison. He shall receive and pay out all money used for the prison, and shall cause to be kept, in suitable books, complete accounts of •all the property, expenses, income, business, and concerns accounts, of the prison; and shall make full and regular reports thereof to the reports; Secretary of War; and shall, under the direction and with the approval of the Secretary of War, employ, for the benefit of the United States, labor of couthe convicts at such labor and in such trades as may be deemed best for vim; their health and reformation. He shall have power to sell and dispose sale ofarticles; of any articles manufactured by the convicts, and shall regularly account for the proceeds thereof, and shall give bond and security for the faithful keeping and accounting of all moneys and property coming to his hands as such commandant. He shall take note and make record of good conduct the good conduct of the convicts, and shall shorten the daily time of ;’£0i_‘;‘;"€,i;_° hard labor for those who, by their obedience, honesty, industry, or gen- Qgagyy um,. O; 1,,. eral good conduct, earn such favors; and the Secretary of War is author- bor imdlreswre ized and directed to remit, in part, the sentences of such convicts, and t° duty' to give them an honorable restoration to duty in case the same is merited; and in case any convict shall disobey the lawful orders of the officers of the prison, or refuse to comply with the rules and regulations thereof he may be placed in solitary confinement, and the commmandant shall at solitary con- Once report the case to the Secretary of War. who shall direct the inspec- 3“€‘"°“°’ tor to make full examination and report of the matter at the next inspec- no Wm in tion; but in no case shall any prisoner be subjected to whipping, b,,_,,d,,,g?&c¥’ branding, or the carrying of weights for the purpose of discipline, or for hlltriiuerstto producing penitence; and every prisoner,. upon being discharged from cm;in§°$`{‘h€n prison, shall be furnished with decent clothing. discharged.