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594 FORTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 255. 1873. Post-roads es- From Sb. James to Lincoln.

  • ·°l§l’;‘:;L:_ From Meridian, via Jersey City, Walnut Creek, Ohiowa, Glengary,

° ’ Empire, to Fairmont. From Battle Creek, via Clarion, Barry, and Farrall, to Columbus. From Grand Island, via Donnebrog, St. Paul, and Coksfield, to Springdale. From Fairmont, via West Blue, McFadden's, York, Farris, Pleasant Home, and Stromsburg, to Osceola. From Benton, via Slavonia, Willow Creek, and Newton, to Wantisca. From Benton to Sand Creek. From Pleasant Hill, via Tabor, Lucieville, Saxon, Empire, Eden, Bry- ant, and Elkton, to Red Cloud. From Fairmount, via. Turkey Creek, Eden, and Belle Prairie, to Elm Grove. From Schuyler, via Morian, and Abington, to Midland. From Lone Valley, via Valparaiso, Lone Star, Ulysses, and Cottonwood, to Osceola. From Glendale to Louisville. From West Point to Brickau. From Saltillo, via Centreville, Olive Branch, and Baden, to De Witt. From Rioeville to Blue Island. From Alma City, via Richmond, to Beaver City. From De Witt, via. Swan City, Swanville, Western, Fairview, Danville, and Atlanta, to Glengay. From Westfield to Orton. d From Norfolk, via Battle Creek, Deer Creek, and Dry Creek, to Oakale. From Norfolk, via Plum Grove, Warren, Spring Valley, Ogden Oakdale, Gillespie, and Antelope, to Frenchtown. From Edgar to Liberty Farm. From Pioneer to Elkton. From Gilson to Kingston. From Cottonwood Springs to McPherson. From Red Cloud, via Wells, North Blue, Gilson, Hastings, Martinsville, and Junctionville, to Grand Island. From Table Rock, via Pawnee City, Calla, West Branch, and Mission Creek to Otoe Agency. From Calla, via Tipps Branch, Liberty, Wild Cat, to Blue Springs. From Ashland, via Sod Hill, Rock Creek, Ceresco, Ash Blui, Lone Valley, Wantisca, Urban, Burta Centre, and Ollie, to Summit. From Douglas, via. Elk Horn City, to Lander. From Columbus, via Lost Creek, William’s Ranch, and Newmauh Grove, to Oak Dale. sulfsw Hump- NEW HAMPSHIRE. Bi From Horne’s Mills, in Wakefield, to Milton Mills, in Milton. From North Sandwich, via South Tamworth, to West Ossipee. From Centre Assipee to Freedom. From Marlborou h to Unionville. From Lisbon to Grafton. From Thetford and Lyme Depot, in East Thetford, to Lyme Centre. From Hinge to East Ringe. From Sunapee to Georges Mills. From Chatham to Stowe, in Maine. New Jersey. NEW JERSEY. From Milton to Oak Ridge Station.