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26 FORTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. H. Ch. 6. 1872. Post-roads LOUISIANA. °“°€2,l£lf:ga1? From New Orleans to St. Bernard. Michigan; MICHIGAN. From Lapeer to North Branch. _ From North Branch to Doyle’s Mills. _ _ _ From North Branch, via Cliiford, m Michigan, to Newberry. From Lapeer to Hadley. From Milford to Holly. Maine; . From Wa1dobor0’, via North Waldoboro’, to Washington. From Washington to Liberty Village. Mi¤S<>¤¥i$ MISSOURL From Wheeling to Lindley. From Schell City to Stockton. From Appleton City to Bosco. From Osceola to Stockton. From Tuscumbia to Rocky Mount. From O’Fallon, via Cottleville and Dalhofi, to O’Fallon. From St. Charles to Alton, in Illinois. From Altona to Lucas. From State Line, via J onesville and Brosley, to Burdett. From Hermitage to Nevada City. From Barnumtown to Roney. From Newark to Locust Hill. Minnesota; MINNESOTA. From Carver to Henderson. Mississippi; MISSISSIPPI. From Brookville to Pickensville. Massachusetts; MASSACHUSETTS. From New Bedford to Rochester; New York, NEW YORK. From Cuyler, via New Boston, to Tayler. From Haskinville to Cohocton. From Carthage to Copenhagen. From Romulusville to Fayette. From Hale’s Eddy, via New Baltimore and Danville, in Pennsylvania, to Gulf' Summit. North Carolina; NORTH CAROLINA. From Burnsville to Pensacola. From Ridgeway to Hilliard's Store. From Boone to Bowling Rock. omo; OHIO. From Liberty, via Goodwin, to Fair Haven. From Van Wert, via Wolfcate’ Mills and Blakies Store, to Decatur. From Massillon to Wilmot. From Canton to Hartvillc. 0r¤s¤¤ OREGON. From Pendleton to Dalles. Nebraska. NEBRASKA. From Grand Island, in Hall County, via St. Paul and the north fork of the Loup River, to Helena, Montana.