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752 FORTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 339. 1873. Payment of To Jerry Hooper, seventy dollars. gala? *‘“°W°51 To Major Howell, thirty-eight dollars. ${,,9,; iguggigus To Alex Jackson, two hundred and seventy-three dollars. MN rm C I_ To Travis Jackson, one hundred and fifty~one dollars and twentynve o aroma. cents_ To Barney C. Jinnett, one hundred and thirty dollars. To Charity Jerret, two hundred and sixty-five dollars. To Jesse J essop, one hundred and thirty-one dollars. To Friday Jones, nine hundred and fifty-five dollars. To Jesse Keen, two hundred and ten dollars. To Elizabeth King, two hundred and forty dollars. To Lucy T. Kirkland, two hundred and twenty-three dollars. I`o Edmond Lamb, one hundred and twenty-five dollars. To William E. Lee, two hundred and nine dollars. To Eleanor Leigh, two hundred dollars. To Addison Ligon, one hundred and nine dollars and fifty cents. To Fletcher Lockhart, one hundred and twenty dollars. To Sally F. C. Long, three hundred and seventy dollars. To Stephen Loyd, ninety-six dollars and twenty-five cents. To Michael McGuire, one hundred and thirty-five dollars. To W. H. Mallard, one hundred and eighty dollars. To Daniel Mann, one hundred and eighty-five dollars. To James Mobley, three hundred dollars. To Daniel C. hlonroe, two hundred and forty-five dollars. To Curtis P. hloore, six hundred and fifty-eight dollars. To Lancaster J. Moore, two thousand and fifty-five dollars and twenty- {ve cents. To Jacob Morris, ninety dollars. To Isaac Murchison, one hundred and fifty dollars. To J. P. Newberry, two hundred and sixty-three dollars and ninety- eight cents. QI`0 Reubin Norton, three hundred and thirty-four dollars. To Elijah S. Pate, two hundred and ninety-six dollars. To John 'I`. Pearson, administrator of the estate of Lazarus Pearson, one thousand four hundred and eighty-two dollars. To William R. Perkins, one hundred and seventy dollars. To Alfred Pettiford, eight -five dollars. To Judy Pettiford, sixgr djbllars. To Robert Phinney, one hundred and fifty dollars. T o Zachariah Plummer, four hundred and sixty dollars. To WVilliam J. Pool, seven hundred and thirteen dollars and fifty cents. To George Price, senior, four hundred and thirty-nine dollars. To Asbury Reid, fift -two dollars. To Percy Reid, fortyiitwo dollars and twenty-five cents. To Isaac Rice, one hundred and seventy-five dollars. To John Robinson, five hundred and ninety dollars. To John Rosemond, nine hundred and eighty-two dollars. To George D. Simmons, two hundred dollars. To Louisa Smallwood, forty-two dollars and fifty cents. To John A. Smith, five hundred dollars. To Robert Snellins, four hundred and ninety-seven dollars. To Charity Sparrow, four hundred dollars. To Nancy Spraggings, one hundred and fifty-five dollars. si To William Steger, one hundred and forty dollars. E To Thomas Steuart, one hundred and eighty-six dollars. To Mrs. Nancy Suttoon, five hundred and eighty-five dollars. ·· To William S. Taylor, one hundred and fifty-six dollars and forty cents. To Franklin Thomas, nine hundred and twenty dollars. = l