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Tri-Ls x1.—DEPARTMENT OF THE INTER.IOR.—Ch. 6. 8]. quire or take, directly or indirectly, except by inheritance or bequest, 8·i¤iY.1870,¢-230. any right or interest in any patent issued by the Office. S· 16· V- 16· P- 2°°· Sec. 481. The Commissioner of Patents, under the direction of the Dqties Gi Com- Secretary of the Interior, shall superintend or perform all duties respect- _ mg the granting and issuing of patents directed by law; and he shall 8‘;“ly·}g7O*°‘igghave charge of all books, records, papers, models, machines, and other S` 3’1l}i,,._ ,1g%5 CQ things belonging to the Patent-Office. 130,s.12,vi18,p.·i02. Sec. 482. he examiners-in-chief shall be persons of competent legal Duties of examknowledge and scientific ability, whose duty it shall be, on the written i¤¤¤‘¤-i¤-<‘hi¤f- petition of the appellant, to revise and determine upon the validity of the adverse decisions of examiners upon applications for patents, and s. 10, vi 16, 199: for re-issues of patents, and in interference cases; and. when required by the Commissioner. they shall hear and report upon claims for extensions, and perform such other like duties as he may assign them. Sec. 483. The Commissioner of Patents, subject to the a proval of the E¤¤ll>ii¤h¤¤¤¤¢ of Secretary of the Interior, may from time to time establish regulations, “*g“l“‘°““- not inconsistent with law, for the conduct of proceedings in the Patent- 8July.1870,c.230, 0g1GB_ s. 19, v. 16, p. 200. Sec. 484. The Commissioner of Patents shall cause to be classified and A;!';!'8°m°;'*°“d arranged in suitable eases, in the rooms and galleries provided for that gf, k:,"°°° m°d` purgse, the models, specimens of composition, fabrics, manufactures, —¥-é——— wor of art, and designs, which have been or shall be deposited in the s8‘{§‘lV·1g7°·°-QQ Patent-Ofiiee; and the rooms and galleries shall be kept open during’v' ’ p' ' suitable hours for public inspection. Sec. 485. The Commissioner of Patents may restore to the respective Disposals ofmcdapplicauts such of the models belonging to rejected applications as he *19 °¤_*°i°¤*°d ¤P· s all not think necessary to be preserved, or he may sel or otherwise dispose of them after the application has been finally rejected for one 8·T¤iY.i870.¢-230, year, paying the proceeds into the Treasury, as other patent-moneys are “· It V- 16· P- 200- directed to be paid. Sec. 486. There shall be purchased for the use of the Patent-Oilice a Library. library of such scientific works and periodicals, both foreign and American, as may aid the officers in the discharge of their duties, not exceeding the ,_ 15, fif 16, i,_`200f amount annually appropriated for that purpose. Sec. 487. For gross misconduct the Commissioner of Patents may re- Patent-agents fuse to recognize any lperson as a patent·agent, either generally or in may m¤Xi}¤f¢i¤¤¤d¤'¤¤· particular case; but the reasons for such refusal shall be duly recorde , and be subject to the approval of the Secretary of the Interior. s_8i]£]’jj1;°;‘22$: Sec. 488. The Commissioner of Patents may require all papers filed Printing of pain the Patent—Office, if not correctly, legibly, and clearly written, to be printed at the cost of the party filing them. S 8il§llg·{%70»°-gg8» Sec. 489. The Commissioner of Patents may {print, or cause to be `prgnéin ’ Ygopié p1-inted, copies of the claims of cur1-ent issues, an copies of such laws, of c;,,imS§,,wS,d8. decisions, regulations, and circulars as may be necessary for the informa- cisiens, &c. tion of the public. 8July,1870,c.2s0, s. 20, v. 16, p. 200. 20 June, 1874, 1-. 328, v. 18, p. 105. Sec. 490. The Commissioner of Patents is authorized to have printed, Printing specififrom time to time, for gratuitous distribution, not to exceed one undred ?:*'°'-‘” ““d d""" and fifty copies of the complete specihcations and drawings of each patent hereafter issued, together with suitable indexes, one copy to be placed 11 Jan.,1871,Res. for free public inspection in each capitol of every State and Territory, N0- 5· V- i6·l>-590- one for the like purpose in the clerk s office of the district court of each 32gO ,3] “1'g‘* 18g3k"' judicial district of the United States, except when such offices are located 3’ 1;},,,,; {Q5, Q_ ir State or territorial capitols, and one in the Library of Congress, which 130, t. 12, v. 18, p. copies shall be certified under the hand of the Commissioner and seal of 402- the Patent-Oflice, and shall not be taken from the depositories for any other purpose than to be used as evidence. _ Sec. 491. The Commissioner of Patents is authorized to have printed Addi¢i<>¤¤i¤P¤¤¤· such additional numbers of copies of specifications and drawings, certified ?,f“‘°““"‘“d d""" as provided in the precedinfg section, at a price not to exceed the contract price for such drawings, or sale, as may be warranted by the actual N0_5,,,_i6,1,_§_·,g0_