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154 Tr·rr.1·: xm.-—THE .lUDIC1ARY.—Ch. 16.

 E Sec.

847. Commissioners' fees. gezetsého

 `l$bIf}i6(2·;?ofd<;i·irtwhave witnessfew. 855. Jurors dud witneses, when paid by

850. Expenses of clerks, dsc., of United marshal, · States sent away as witnesses paid. 856. Fees of district attorneys, marshal, 851. Seamen sent home as witnesses. &c., how paid._ 852. Fees of grand and petit jurors. 857. Fees, how recovered. Feestobetaxed. Sec. 823. The following and no other compensation shall be taxed

 and allowed to attorneys, s0lrc1tors, and proctors in_the_courts of the

8(),s.l,v. fO,p.1li1. United States, to district attorneys, clerks of the circuitand district 3 Mar., 1855, c- courts, marshals, commissioners, wrtnesses, jurors, and printers in the §g·g,l2»*`·1°»PP· several States and Terriltoriex excep; ilrf lccases othergvise cxplregsgy pro- -.,;.._; v.nnm~ videdb law. But not in erein s a construe to pro i i attor- E¢v1><1*¢€·1¤K1’¤)’» neys, soblicitors, and proctogs from charging to and receiving from their }.LP""gl·321iFhg' clients, other than the Government, such reasonable compensation for élf 5}?f€’their services, in addition to the taxable costs, as may be rn accordance i with general usage in their respective States, or may be agreed upon between the parties. mms or Arronumrs, soucrrons, AND rnocrons. Att·<>¤1•3y¤,¤01i¤i- Sec. 824. On a trial before a jury, in civil or criminal causes or before l°"B>““d P'°°“’”· referees, or on a final hearing in equity or admiralty, a docket fee of 26 Feb twenty dollars: Provided, That in cases of admiralty and maritime jurissc, s, 1, Q 10, pp. diction, where the libelant recovers less than trfty dollars, the docket fee 161,162- of his proctor shall be but ten dollars. 952ii*g’·}]1ggg· ‘· In cases at law, when judgment is rendered without a jury, ten dol- 14??r{ll1S€,]i8dg3 C. lmlsn cases at law, when the cause is discontinued, five dollars. ————·— For scire facias, and other proceedings on recognizances, five dollars. _E=v1>¤r¢¢ _R01r For each deposition taken and admitted in evidence in a cause, two ge; j m11g,;;?; dollars and fifty cena. _ _ _ _ _ PL Cu '337, ry; For services rendered in cases removed from a drstrrct to a crrcurt S. v. Ingersoll, court by writ of error or appeal, five dollars. C1‘¤b1>€.135· For examination by a district attorney, before a judge or commissioner, of persons csiarged with crime, five dollars a day for the time necessari v employ·e . For each dag dt his neccssar attendance in a court of the United States on the business of the Uynited States, when the court is held at the placle of his albodekifiveddlollars; and lfosahisfatltendance when the court is e esew ere, ve dollars or eac yo theterm. For traveling from the place of his abode to the place of holding any court of the Lnited States in his district, or to the place of any examination before a judge or commissioner, of a person charged with crime, ten cents a mile for going and ten cents a mile for returning. ¥1Vhlenlan ilndictment for crime is trieffl before a and a cznviction is a , the istrict attorne may be a owe , in a ition to the attorney’s fees herein rovided, ZY counsel fee, in proportion to the importance and difhculty of the cause, not exceeding thirty dollars. Fees in revenue Sec. 825. There shallrbe taxed and paid to every district attorney two @$68, 1111d 111 $111*5 per centumlupon all moneys collected or realized in any su1t_ or pro- °“ "m°‘“l bonds; ceeding arising under the revenue laws, and conducted b him, in w ich 3 Mar., 1863, c. the United States is a party, which shall be in lieu of allycosts and fees 76, B- 11- V- 12- P- in such proceeding. 74]* Sec. 826. No fee shall accrue to any district attorney on any bond left W,§°;,£"&,E°:gs· with him for collection, or in a suit commenced on any bond for the rc·

  • 4.--. - ..S newal of which provision is made by law, unless the party neglects to

3, %22?:1¤é zppgrofcér such renewal for more than twenty days after the maturity of gttogyo eoistligi Sec. 827. When a district attorney ap rs by direction- of the Sectense of revenue retary or Solicitor of the Treasury, on bthsllf of any officer of the reve- §”_f°T”· Y Y____, c nue in an y suit against such officer, for any act done by him. or for the