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Trru: xv.-THE NAV1'.—Ch. 4. 259 any officer in whose case such medical board may report that his phvs— 21 APPU. 1864,e- ieal disqualification was occasioned by wounds received in the line of his 61 “· 4*; ]3· P·53· duty, and that such wounds do not incapacitate him for other duties in 31g8,Qh¥i{. l§)6’ c' the grade to which he shall be promoted. 344:345., l lppl Sec. 1495. Officers subject to examination before promotion to a grade Examinations, limited in number by law shall not be entitled to examination in such a when; Md effect sense as to give increase of pay until designated by the Secretarv of the °l·g Navy to fill vacancies in the higher grade: and officers eligible for pro- A 3 Id;., 1873,Tc. motion to a grade not limited in number shall not be entitled to exam- 230» S- l» V- 17- P- ination until ordered to present themselves for examination or until a 55% J class, in which they are included, has been so ordered by the Secretarv 392 yujjil igiiha of theNavy.` " ’I' " Sec. 1496. No line officer below the grade of commodore, and no officer Examination of not of the line, shall be promoted to a higher grade on the active list of P’°i°**Sl°“**l 6* the Navy until his mental, moral, and professional fitness to perform all [“*°‘ ___ his duties at sea have been established to the satisfaction of a board of 21 April, 186-4,c. examining officers appointed by the President. 63- S- l» V- l3»P-53- Sec. 1497. In time of peace no person shall be romoted from the list Pr0g¤0ti_ontprenr— of commodores to the grade of rear-admiral, on the active list, until his admlml ‘“ “‘“° °f mental, moral, and professional fitness to perform all his duties at sea p@——— has been established as provided in the preceding section. ,8,l,6él“1Y·\_18f3·;· 58-1. Amended by 21 April, 1864, c. 63, v.’13, p. ,53. Sec. 1498. Such examining board shall consist of not less than three EX¤¥¤i¤i¤sb0¤¤’<l- officers, senior in rank to the officer to be examined. 21 Ap{,ji,`{8@ Q 63, s. 2, v. 13, p. 53. Sec. 1499. Said board shall have power to take testimony and to ex- Powers of. amine all matter on the tiles and records of the Navy Department relat- QQ? . . , PTI , , C. ing to any officer whose case may be considered by them. The witnesses, 637 s_ 1, ,·_ 13, p_ 5g_ when present, shall be sworn by the president of the board. Sec. 1500. Anv officer whose case IS to be acted upon by such examin— Officer may bc ing board shall have the right to be present, if he so desires, and to Pt;°;f*“* fd '“"·l“* submit a statement of his case on oath. ism"}? L 1 21 April, 1864, c. 63, s. 3, v. 13, p. 53. Sec. 1501. The statement of such officer, if made, and the testimony f Record of the witnesses and his examination shall be recorded. )321r§pi·il,18645§, (‘ ,s. ,v. 13, p. . . Sec. 1502. Any matter on the tiles and records of the Navy Depart- Revision by the ment, touching each case, which may, in the opinion of the boar , be ?f$"*·,, _____ necessary to assist them in making up their judgment, shall, together 21 April, 1864, i-. with the whole record and finding, be presented to the President for his 63, H- 3, V- l3»P·53· approval or diwpproval of the finding. Src. 1503. No officer shall be rejected until after such public exam- N0 of”6¢eF_¤¤ be ination of himself and of the records of the Nav * Department in his g?;‘;]‘f:ati,;'1‘*h°“t case, unless he fails, after having been duly notilied, to appear before wd b°“"d· 63, ods? is, p. Sec. 1504. Such examining board shall report their recommendation Reportofreeomof any officer for promotion in the following form: "We hereby certify Hf1Q0n- that ——-— ·———— has the mental, moral, and professional qualifications 16 July, 1882,c. to perform efficiently all the duties, both at sea and on shore, of the grade 183, s. 4. v. 12, p. to which he is to be promoted, and recommend him for promotion? 58*;] amended by 21 April, 1864, c. 63, s. 4, v. 13, p. 53. 28 July, 1866, c. 312, s. 1, v. 14, pp. 344, 345. Sec. 1505. Any officer of the Navy on the active list below the (grade _ Failingin examof commander, who, u n examination for promotion, is not foun pro- wi fessionally qualified, sml be suspended from promotion for one year, 15 July, 1870, c. with corresponding loss of date when he shall be re—exam1ned, and in gg, F- 8. v· 16, p- case of his failure upon such re-examination he shall be dropped from ‘ the service. _ _ Sec. 1506. An officer of the Navy may, by and with the advice and Advancementiu consent of the Slenate, be advanced. not exceeding thirty numbers in Mmbev rank, for eminent and conspicuous conduct in battle or extraordinary `iXp]jéé]jC_ heroism, 63. s. 6, v. 13,p. 54. 24 Jan., 1865, c. 19, s. 1, v. 13, p. 424.