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Trrma xxx.-SEAT OF GOVERNMENT. 321 Sec. 1811. His decision on all questions concerning the supply of Bight ¤f¤1>p¢¤·l water, as provided in the preceding section, shall be subject to appeal to 1° S"°"°1*"Y °1 the Secretary of War only. W"' 3 Mar., 1859, c. 84, s. 1, v. 11, p. 435. Sec. 1812. The Chief of Engineers shall, as Superintendent of Public R¤1¤>¤’¤¤- Buildings and Grounds, and as Superintendent of the Washington Aqueduct, annually submit the following reports to the Secretar of 51,s. 3, v.,4, p. 863. War in time to accompany the annual message of the President to (lon- 3 A“8·· 185*% °· gmsé, numeljvz• $$3, s. 15, v. 10, p. FIISC. A report of his operations for the preceding year, with an ac- g` Mu 1859 c_ count of the manner in w ich all appropriations for public buildings 84,¤.1,v.11,p.d35. and grounds have been applied, inclu ing a statement of the number of 25 ·l“¤€» 1861% C- public lots sold, or remaining unsold each year, of the condition of the $6,} °‘ 1* v' 12* P' public buildings and grounds, and of the measures necessar * to be taken ` or the care and preservation of all public property under his charge. Second. A report of the condition, progress, repairs, casualties, and Expepgitures of the Washington Aqueduct and other public works under is c rge. Sec. 1813. The Board of Public Works of said District are prohibited Umi*¤¤i0¤ <>¤ from incurring or contracting liabilities on behalf of the United States °?'g:{$” Q{,Bg**d in the improvement of streets, avenues, and reservations beyond the !--.g amount of appropriations previously made by Congress, and from enter- 3 M”·· 187:% °· ing into any contract touching such improvements on behalf of the ggé S' 1* v' 17* P' United States, except in pursuance of appropriations made by Congress. ` Sec. 1814. Suitalgle structures and railings shall be erected in the old Ofoggdjgbgggf hall of Representatives for the reception and rotection of statuary, and tive, p the same shall be under the supervision and) direction of the Chief of Engineers in charge of public buildings and grounds. And the Presi- 210 S g',, ·13’ dent is authorized to invite all the States to provide and furnish statues, 347:' °` in marble or bronze, not exceeding two in number for each State, of deceased persons who have been citizens thereof, and illustrious for their historic renown or for distinguished civic or military services, such as each State may deem to be worth of this national commemoration: and when so furnished, the same shallybe laced in the old hall of the House of Representatives, in the Capitol of) the United States, which is set apart, or so much thereof as may be necessary, as a national statuary hall for the purpose herein indicated. Sec. 1815. No statuary, inting, or other article, the property of an P¤i¤ti¤g¤,_ §w·, individual, `shall hereafter bg allowed to be exhibited in the rotunda or ;‘;’g°.f’1;€,$‘h‘1"**°‘1 any other portion of the Capitol building. _;. 20 July, 1868, c. 176, s. 6. v. 15, p. 110. Src. 1816. All im rovements, alterations, additions, and repairs of the Rewim. M-. of Capitol buildin shall hereafter be made by the direction an under the C“P‘*°1· supervision of (die Architect of the Capitol Extension, and the same shall 16 April, 1862, be id for by the Secretary of the Interior out of the appropriations for Res. Nc. 28, v. 12, suchaextension, and from no other appropriation; an no urniture or 1>-617- 7 carpets for either House shall hereafter e purchased without the written 2432 gffigsg Q order of the chairman of the Committee to Audit and Control the Con- 50];},],,, 1g6g_ cf tin ent Expenses of the Senate, for the Senate, or without the written 177,s. 1, v. 15, p. 0r¢§2r of the chairman of the Committee on Accounts of the House of Hg- M 1869 Representatives, for the HOUS9- 121, S. 15, 283, 284. 3 Mar., 1871, c. 114, s. 1, v._16, p. 500. 15 Aug., 1876, c. 287, v. 19, p. 147. Sec. 1817. The electrical ap aratus for lighting the hall of the House, P6¤¢¤¢¤¤l wpeffic dome, the rotunda, and this old hall o Representatives shall be in ’Q'E;__,c.___ charge of the chief engineer of the House of Representatives, and 3 Mar., 1873, c. operated by the person or persons under his charge, to bedesrgnated gg? ¤- r V· 17} P- by him, subject to the control and supervision of the Architect of the ‘ Capitol and the Chief of Engineers in charge of public bu1ldings and rounds. g Sec. 1818. The Secretary of the Interior is directed_to prevent the im- rL¤¤;p;¤g?;:,§°1;*£· proper appropriation or occupation of any of the publ1c streets, avenues, gm ° * squares, or reservations in the city of W ashmgton, belonging to the »———-—————