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362 Trrm; XXV1H.—1NDIANS.—Ch. 1. Bond of Indian Sec. 2057. Each Indian agent, before entering upon the duties of his

  • 8°“*°- office, shall give bond in such penalties and with such security as the

2., Feb" ,85,, C_ President or the Secretary of the Interior may require. 14, s. 6, v. 9, p. 587. 3 Mar., 1875, c. 132, a. 10, v. 18, p. 451. Duties0f I¤di¤¤ Sec. 2058. Each Indian agent shall, within his agency, manage and

  • ‘€°““· superintend the intercourse with the Indians, £l.gI'00.8. ly law; and exe-

30 June, 1834,c. cute and perform such regulations and duties, not inconsistent with law, 102.¤·7.V·4. p- 730- as may be prescribed by the President, the Secretary of the Interior, the 165sJ_;*“‘f’»9l85%3g· Commissioner of Indian Affairs, or the superintendent of Indian affairs. 4527-F`ePl,_1§'i1bcé14i;.1E'>,t\*. 587. 3 Mar., 1875, c. 132, ca. 4, 5, 10, v. 18, pp. 449, .—. mis v. . ., e ., . Disccntinunncs Sec. 2059. The President shall, whenever he may judge it expedient, ““d Y"*‘”"*°’ °f discontinue any Indian agency, or transfer the same, from the place_or

 tribe designated by law, to such other place or tribe as the public service

_ ___’, _ ’Qma require. _ _ _ _ _ 16§;sii1dn:eIi>t7i)’2- gmc. 2060. Every Indian agent shall reside and keep his ageney within dim ments- or near the territory of the tribe for which he may be agent, an at such 'f],}d_ place as the President may designate, and shall not depart from the hmits of his agency without permission. _ Limitation on Sec. 2061. All Indian agents appointed for California shall reside at Vi¤i'>¤ '>° W”hl';1!‘ their reepective agencies, and shallxin no case be permitted to visit the §‘;':,i;’,¥s?§°é’;?ifO2{ city of 'ashington except when ordered to do so by the Commissioner ,,;,,_ of Indian Affairs. The Commissioner shall report a l cases of the viola- "`_`_ tion of this section to the President, with the request that the agents 8Apr.,186·1,c.48, _ s. 7,.v. 13, p. 41. offending be at once removed from office. _ Officers of the Sec. 2062. The President may require any militaig officer of the United A rm y may be States to execute the duties of an Indian agent; an when such duties are

3* ” reguired of any mili{.]ary lpfiicer, lee shallrperform the same without any

T(H€i83ZE ot e3r5e;;mpensation t an is actua trave ing expenses. [¤~•5l¤4-1 162, ss. 4, 12, v. 4, pp. 7 7. Compensationfor Sec. 2063. No compensation beyond their actual expenses for extra g¤=r·;g¤g·<·¤¤ P:; services shall be allowed any In ian agent or subagent for services a°:5°B,§b_a;€:$; when doing duty under the order of the Government. detached from qsygy {ggé; the)n· agepcy and the boundary of the tribe to which they are agents or 109, s. 2,v.4,p.520. su -agen s. Acknowledgment Sec. 2064. Indian agents are authorized to take acknowledgments of of deeds, &c-. by deeds, and other instruments of writing, and to administer oaths in inves- ’·_€__§']YS·__ __ tigations committed to them in Indian country, pursuant to such rules 3 Mar., 1855, c. and regnlatmns as may be prescribed for that purpose, by the Secretary 204. S- I0. Y- 10. P- of the nterior; and acknowledgments so taken shall hauve the same effect 7°r as if taken before a justice of the peace. Appointment of Sec. 2065._ A competent number of sub—Indian agents shall be appointed rgb2Qé §s€¤¤¤· by the President, with a salary of one thousand dollars a year each. to 30 June, 1834, e. be employed, and reside wherever the President ma direct, and who 162, s. 5.v-4.p- 730 shall (give bonds, with ene or more sureties, in the penalysum of one thousand ollars, for the faithful execution of their duties. But no sub-a ent shall be appointed who shall reside within the limits of any agency where Li 18 { thm3e is 2e)n age`!;: alppointed. _ mi Q ¤¤P°*· `Eo. 66. e imits of each superintendenc * a d · b- * d , ,,_ _ y gency an su agency

§g:$_:ge$n_ sl;:}} be lestaibgghedi by the Secretary of the Interior, either by tribes or

6;,, g grap ica un aries. 30 June, 1834, c. 162, s. 7, v. 4, p. 736. 3 Mar., 1847, c. 66, s. 1, v. 9, p. 203. 8 ini agents Sec. 2067 All special agents and commissioners not a· , , _ _ · ppomted by the

_‘s‘lp6c°°'“‘“‘°”‘°“ President shall be appointed by the Secretary of the Interior.

3 Mar., 1863, c. 99, s. 1, v.12, p. 792. Intcrpretw to Sec. 2068. An inter reter shall be allowed to each a r Wh re 'f‘f§E“j_ __ there are different tribes in the same agenc , speaking€ed‘i(iierent langg June, 1&·;_,,,._ guages, one interpreter mav he allowed. at the discretion of the Secre- 162,s. 9,v. 4, p.737. tary of the Interior, foreach of such tribes. Interpreters shall be nomi-