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544 TITLE xxx1v.—-COLLECTION OF DUTIES.—(Ju. -1-. 2 Mem 1799. ¤- leagues of the coast thereof, or within any of the bays, harbors, ports, 22,8-25·,"·1»P·g46· rivers, creeks, or inlets thereof, upon demand, produce the manifests in 20i8,`h§g’,i8{$4’;' writin , which such master is required to have on board his vessel, to 184im ’`such officer of the customs as first comes on board his vessel, for inspection, and shall deliver to such officer true copies thereof, which copies shall be provided and subscribed by the master, and the officer to whom the ori inal manifests have been produced- shall certify upon the back thereofg that the same were produced, and the day and year on which the same were so produced, and that such copies were to him delivered and by him examined with the original manifest; and shall likewise certify u n the back of such copies the day and year on which the same were dblivered, and shall forthwith transmit such co ies to the respective collectors of the several districts, tlo which the goods by such manifests a ear res ectively to be consigne . Deliveryoimpies p§EC. 2815. The master of any such vessel shall in like manner produce ef m¤¤l*€¤t- to the officer of the customs who first comes on board such vessel, upon 2 Man, 1799, Q her arrival within the limits of any collection-district in which the cargo, 22, s. 25,v.1,p. 647. or any part thereof, is intended to be discharged or lauded, for his inspection, such manifest: and shall also deliver to him true copies thereof, such copies also to be provided and subscribed by the master, the production of which manifests and the delivery of which copies shall also be certified by the officer of the customs, upon the back of the original manifests, with the Hparticular day and year when such manifests were produced to such officer, and when he so received the copies thereof; and such officer is required forthwith to transmit the copies of the manifests to the collector of the district; and the master shall afterward deliver the original manifests so certified to the collector. When any manifest shall be produced, upon which there shall be no certificate from any officer of the customs as before mentioned, the master producing the same shall be required to make oath that no officer has a plied for, and that no iqdorsement has taken place on, any manifest ofp the cargo of such vesse . wml ¤'¤¤b€*' of Sec. 2813. The master of any such vessel shall not be re uired to make ?§};fdm““ b° d°` delivery of more than one copy of each manifest to the odcer who shall —--4--—- firstcome on board of such vessel, within four leagues of the coast of 2 Mar., 1799, c. the United States, and one other copy to such officer as shall first come 22- S-25·"·l·P· 647 on board within the limits of any collection-district, for which the cargo of such vessel. or some part thereof, is destined, nor to make delivery of any such copy to any other officer; but it shall be sufficient, in respect to any such other officer, to exhibit to him the original manifests an the ceitificates thereupon. lfeljfeiture fer Sec. 281-L. If the master of any vessel laden with merchandise, and gggtlggnifétlgé bound toany port in the United States, fails upon his arrival within d,,,,,,, copies_ four leagues o the coast thereof, or within the limits of any collection- — ;—-———;——- district, where the cargo of such vessel, or any part thereof, is intended 2z25g:';; ,1'9%4?‘ to be discharged, to produce such manifests as are heretofore re uired, ’’’p`in writing, to the proper officer upon demand therefor, or to (deliver such copies thereof, according to the directions of the preceding sections, or if he fails to give an account of the true destination of the vessel, which he is hereby required to do, upon request of such officer, or gives a false account of such destination, in order to evade the production of the manifests, the master shall for every such neglect, refusal, or offense, be liable to a penalty of not more than five hundred dollars. If any oHi cer first coming on board, in each case, shall neglect or refuse to certify on the back of such manifests the production thereof, and the delivery of such copies respectively as are directed to be delivered to such omcer, such officer shal be liable to a penalty of five hundred dollars. Oftgzpiggnsmtum Sec. 281§. The officers who may apply to the master of any such ves- __ ¤ - _ sel, respecting any of the provisions in the preceding sections, and who 2 Mm-_, 1789, c_ shall not receive full satisfaction therein, are hereby required to make 22, s.26,v.1.p.648· a return in Writing of the name of the vessel and master so offcndin , in any or all of the particulars required, as soon as possible, to the mdlector of the district to which such vessel shall be considered to be bound.