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TITLE xxxv1.——DEBTS DUE BY OR TO THE UNITED STATES. 689 giveav, for the amount q/"£rinc2]JaZ and interest due on rm Treasury note not 17 J111F. 1861. ¢· recengederijiagizvelai M2 I dtlywhewtthe 8(UIH}(l7’¢*7"€(’¢’I.7‘(’({l% ISMSS254 unl 3000-1 5· k‘;l2i,12é?5°· 46, s. 5, v. 12, p. 313. 12 Feb., 1862, c. 20, v. 12, p. 338. 25 Feb., 1862, 0.33, v. ,12, pp. 315, 346. 1.1 July, 1862, 0.142, s. 1, v. 12, p. 532. 3 Mar., 1863, c. T3, ss. 3, 5, v. 12, pp. 110, 711. 3 June, 1864, c. 106, s. 23, v. 13, p. 106. 30 June, 1864, 0. 172. s. 2, v. 13, p. 218. 27 1·Pb., 1877, c. 69, r. 19,p. 249.-Savage, executrix, r. U. S., 92 U. S., -182. Sec. 3474. No gold or silver other than coin of standard iineness of Wl1v1 ···>1¤ rcthe United States, shall be receivable in payment of dues to the United “"l"“l’l"· .. States, except as provided in section twenty-three hundred and sixtv-six, I 31 A}}'?? 1***% °· Title "Punmo LANDS,” and in section thirty-tive hundred and Zixtv- 9g8i,;' " "m` pp' seven, Title "Co1NAo1·;, l/Vniorrrs. AND Msnsumcs."2iFeb.,1s5T,c.5es, ss. 2, 3, v. 11, 1. 163. Sec. 3475. The notes of national banks shall be received at par for all N¤¥1<>¤¤1 {hunk debts and demands owing by the United States to any person within the ;‘°t§"‘b "°f‘i'$"’?l’l‘, United States, except interest on the public debt, or in redemption of Stan; ?x(:,.,,,mm the national currency. [See 5 5182-] -+.'v.-- 3 June, 1864, 0. 106, s. 23, v. 13, p. 106. Sec. 3476. Treasury notes hearing interest may be paid to any creditor Treasury notes of the United States at their face value, excluding interest, or to any 1’;‘Y€‘l’.l° f°F debts creditor willing to receive them at par, including interest. ° I mwd Sm°" 3 Mar., 1863, c. 73, s. 2, v. 12, p. 710. 30 June, 1864, c. 172, s. 2, v. 13, p. 218. Sec. 3477. All transfers and assignments made of any claim upon the ··§¤¤ign¤nent·¤ of United States, or of any part or share thereof, or interest therein., whether ‘~‘l“‘mS "°1‘l· ““‘ absolute or conditional, and whatever may be the consideration therefor, keg-.. _ 4 and all powers of attorney, orders, or other authorities for receiving y- 29 -1111:*. 1846. ¢·· ment ot any such claim, or of any part or share thereof, shall be ago- 66;,g·,?·{’·4;é53 _ lutely null and void, unless they are freely made and executed in the 81',._] ${0 ,,1}:,: presence of at least two attesting witnesses, after the allowance of such —— a claim, the ascertaimnent of the amount due, and the issuing of a war- C iQ;f,°"{§_lc;0§‘· L rant for the payment thereof. Such transfers, assignments, and wers ,_`r_`§__ f C_ Cl: of attorney, must recite the warrant for payment, and must be ackhowl- 8.5; Cote »·. U. S.,3 edged by the person making them, before an officer havin authority to C- €`1€·· 6·1¥,T'1¤¤ 1‘· take acknowledgments of deeds, and shall be certified by tds officer; and ?;'::':£,_;l,?ll,j4“1éli' it must a pear by the certificate that the officer, at the time of the g'g_ C],__ 252, 'C,,,[ acknowledgment, read and fully explained the transfer, assignment, or ven<lor’s Case, SC. warrant of attorney to the person acknowledging the SRI11B. (`1*'·» ?81· Sec. 3478. Any person prosecuting claims, either as attorney or on his 0**11 l}}' I>€P§0¤¤ own account. before any of the Departments or Bureaus of the United P’°"""“E“g°l“'m’· States, shall be required to take the oath of allegiance, and to support 17 July, 1862, c. the Constitution of the United States, as required of persons in the civil 2“”»¤·1-"·12·P·611’· service. [Sec 5 usc. im.] Src. 3479. The oath provided for in the preceding section may be _ \\'h<»mayadmintaken before any ustice of the peace. notary public, or other person who ffl? *11*111; ___ is legally authorized to administer an oath in the State or district where 17 July, 1862, (._ the same may be administered. 205,s.2,v.12,p.610. Sec. 3480. Itshall be unlawful for any officer topav any account, claim, _Claimso1dislcy- or demand a inst the United States which accrued or existed prior to *f}*f€;_____ __ the thirteentlflday of April, eighteen hundred and sixty-one, in favor of 2)Iar,,]86T,Res. any person who promoted, encouraged, or in any_manner sustained the 46, v- 14, p- 571- late rebellion, or in favor of any person who during such rebellion was mg illggu 187} "· . . . . _ , . , p. 36... not known to be opposed thereto, and distinctly in avor of its sirippression; and no pardon heretofore granted, or hereafter to be grante , shall authorize the payment of such account, claim. or demand, until this section is modified or repealed. But this section shall not be-construed to prohibit the payment of claims founded upon contracts made by any of the Departments, where such claims were assigned or contracted to be assi ned prior to the first day of April, eighteen hundred and sixty-one, to the creditors of such contractors, loyal citizens of loyal States, in pay-