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106 msrnror on oonnmnm. Attendance at Sec. 900. The district attorney, marshal, and clerk shall attend the °’*'”*°°' mm- special term sitting as a criminal court, and perform_ all the duties re. mg ·"l,’¥· }@M· quired of them by law in relation to the criminal business of the coun;, r3és1F `ciiionsr, Sec. 901. There shall be paid to the coroner of the District, and to fw- the jurors and witnesses who may be lawfully summoned in any inquest, Ibid.,s.8,pp.307, the same {ees and compensation as paid to the marshal and the jurors 308- attending the supreme court. Levy Court rs. Coroner, 2 Wall., 501. P¤y_ of lwiliifs Sec. 902. The marshal shall pay to each bailiif and crier who shall be

      • 9 °“°’“- required to attend upon the district, circuit, and criminal terms of the

21 June, 1%, c. supreme cpurt, three dollars and fifty cents for each day’s attendance, 140.v·16.v- - res ective y. F¤¤¤$¤;»¢*»<>r¤¤y¤ Slice. 903. In suits at common law in the supreme court, the taxable “"" '°"°"°"· fee to nn attorney shall be five dollars only; and in suits in chancery, was ng¤r.,21s0&_$ the taxable fee to a solicitor shall be ten dollars only. ,l. , V. , P. · . UNITED STATES msrmor ATTORNEY. fcgi???;;;?;? Sec. 904. There shall be appointed an attorney of the United States ment and duties. for the District, who shall take the oath and perform all the duties

 required of district attorneys of the United States. [see 99 t:,o0, roto-1011.1

15, s. 9, v. 2, p. 106. Levy Court vs. Ringgold, 2 Crunch, C. C., 659. Osths and ¤f¤r- Sec. 905. The district attorney, and every assistant or deputy duly "‘““°“'· appointed by him, is empowered to administer oaths or aiilrmations 17 June, 1870, c. to witnesses in criminal cases, and in all cases where a justice of the K}3. ¤· 18. *-16.1*- peace i authorized to do so; and if any person to whom such oath or 1·’°· nlfrmation shall be administered shall willfully and falsely swear or affirm touching any matter or thing material to the point in question whereto he shall be examined, he shall be deemed guilty of perjury, and upon conviction thereof shall be sentenced to suffer imprisonment and labor in the penitentiary, for the llrst offense for a period of not less than two nor more than ten years, and for the second offense tor not less than live nor more than fifteen years. N0 ¤1l¤W¤¤¤¤ M SEo. 906. There shall not be allowed to the district attorney any g‘;g‘;z;6::c;°" °f' compensation for any permanent assistant or deputy, nor any sum for

 office expenses, clerk-hire, fuel, stationery, or other incidental expenses.

t, T°£*}Y 1*** d°P“· SEo. 907. He shall pay to his deputies or assistants not exceeding, in E.“;. all, four thousand dollars per annum, also his clerk·hire, not exceeding lbid. twelve hundred dollars per annum, office-rent, fuel, stationery, printing, and other incidental expenses, out of the fees of his office. Fees, how pay- Sec. 908. Such tees shall be paid to himquarterly at the Treasury of “m°· the United States, on the drst days of January, April, July, and Octo- Ibid. ber, in each year, upon a return in writing made to the Secretary of the Treasury, in such form as the Secretary shall prescribe, embracing all the fees and emoluments of his office, under the oath of the district attorney, and the certificate of a judge or justice of the court wherein the services may have been rendered, that the services for which fees are charged have been performed. mmmocompen- Sec. 909. The compensation of the district attorney shall not exceed °'*°'°“· six thousand dollars per annum. Ibid. MABSHAL. ¥;¤¤!;¤lh an- Sec. 910. There shall be a marshal for the District, who shall be

 ‘“°“ °“ “‘ appointed for the same term, take the same oath, give a bond with

-.—T>; sureties in the same manner, and have generally, within the District, Y2? _;‘<>l>·§ 190:6;- the same powers, and perform the same duties, as provided for marshals

1E;‘Q_;[__;_ of the United States. [ssc asuz,oo,m,ass,1oaa,io•m.1o
o,ios1. secn.s.u.s.9umr».l

Brent va. Justices of tho Ponce, l Crunch, C. C., 434; The Levy Court vs. Touch Ringgold, 5 Peters, 451.