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GUARDIAN AND WARD. ] 1] a R . M . equisi es to render decree of sale 967. Securit to here ni . M 001:;****- gg. m§m°trinra¤t#g agian. 963. No sale to be decreed, when. 970: Appiihgihr: grid psddftuons Over. 9;;.. guardian not to be a purchaser. , 971. Parties defendant, who are. 9... ·“"°‘::‘: .. ... t · at £*“‘“·a€»:‘°r

 I lsposa 0 proceeds.

SEC: 937. The supreme court of the District has power to appoint a Appointment or guardian or guardians to any infant orphan entitled or have right or 8“*"m*“- claim to any property, real, personal, or mixed, within the jurisdiction go Fgb_ 1844; .,_ of the court, or whose person and residence may be within such jnris- 8, s. 1, v. iv, p. 4{ diction, except when such orphan may have a testamentary guardian. VBYS. 1 Cranch, C. C., 147; Reinhart U!.0HD8, 1 Cranch, C. C. 244 * Mauro va? Ritchie 3 Cranch, C. C., 147 ; Smoot vo. Bell, 3 Cranch, C. C., 343. i 1 ’ 81:0.938. The court shall require of guardians so appointed, and of Bond to bu ratestamentary guardians, unless directed otherwise by the will appoint- ‘l“i"’d· ing them, bond, with good and sumcient surety, as required by law. rms, United Statesu. Litle, 3 Cranch, C. C., 251; United States va. Nicholls, 4 Crunch, C. C., 191; United States for the use of Godey vs. Bender, 5 Cranch, C. C., 620. Sec. 939. When any infant, whose father may be living, shall, by Natural guardian gift or otherwise, be entitled to any property separate from the father, *° Km b°“‘1 ****9 it shall be lawful for the court to compel the father, as natural guardian, to give bond and security to account for the property, and to compel H”d· him to account, as guardians in other cases. Sec. 940. It' the father shall fail or refuse to give such bond, or-at his Svauiulguardiau request, the court shall have power to appoint a special guardian to “';Y"° "PP°‘““’d» take charge of the property, who shall give bond and security as in 'E.; other cases, but with condition to suit the case. Ibid- Sec. 941. In all cases the court shall have power, when it has good _Addi¢i¤¤¤l Mucause to believe that the interests of the ward require, to compel any ’Qf§mf‘:{m:° '°' guardian to give additional, other, or further security, in such time as $1...;..+ the court may direct. Ibid-» ¤· 2» P- 4- Sec. 942. No order shall be made directing a guardian to give new _ Nutiue tu guardsecurity, until he shall have been duly summoned to show cause against, ’°“· or have had ten days’ notice in writing of, the intended application. Ibid. Sec. 943. Upon the failure of any guardian to comply with the order Di¤¤¤i¤¤al aud of court directing such security, the court shall have power and authority, “°"’ “PP°'“*"“°°"· and it shall be their duty to dimiss such guardian from office, and Ibid. appoint another in his stead, and order the estate of the ward to be forthwith delivered to the newly-appointed guardian. Sec. 944. The court shall have power, by fine or imprisonment, or any Enforcement of legal process, to compel and enforce a compliance with its order, or may, urdur of the ¢=¤¤r¤· where it can be so done, order the marshal to take possession of and Ibm_ deliver the property. Sec. 945. Ifany surety of a guardian, by petition to the court, setting Counter security. forth that he apprehends himself to bein danger of suffering thereby, shall pray that he may be relieved, the court, after a summons to 97, ,_ 2, vfg, P_·;2_ answer the petition shall have been served upon the guardian, or a copy of such summons left at the place of his usual abode, shall order him to give counter security for the complete indemnity of the original surety, or to deliver the ward’s estate into the hands of the surety, or of some other person; in either of which cases the court shall take sudicrent security of the person in whose hands the ward’s estate shall delivered, and may make such further order for the relief of the petitioner as shall seem just. , , Sec. 946. Every orphan or other infant, to whom the supreme court diE°:*¤g: *f§;¤¤*· is authorized to appoint a guardian, shall be entitled, on arriving at ___T_{__B____;__ the age of fourteen years, or at any age between fourteen and twenty- 72Ib¤d., s. 1,pp. 71, one years, notwithstanding any appointment of guardian before made · by the court, to elect a guardian for himself.