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CON STABLES. 121 CHAPTER THIRTY-TWO. COHSTABLEB. See. ~ ssc_ ig §e;itL¤·El§c€:€:;(i;¤m 1039. Fag(u:;ycf&¢(;onstable to pay over 1038: Pcazyofzonsmglw 1040. Fees and commissions. Site. 1035. _The duties of constable shall be confined exclusively to the Duties or constaservice of civil process and the collection of strictly private debts within *,1*- the District 3 h 1863 ci 106, s. 10,v. 12: p. sbs. Bm. 1036. Each constable shall, before performing any of the duties oats and bond. of his office, take the oath prescribed for civil officers in the District, Ibid. and shall enter into a bond to the United States in the sum of live B.g‘;f,°" 8*,’;*g'g'· thousand dollars, with security, to be approved by the clerk of the Sfgl U:;,:?, g,,,,,,] supreme court of the District, conditioned for the faithful performance u.Cranston, a of the duties of his onice, and for the punctual payment of all moneys C¤¤¤¢=b» C- U-. W9; coming into his hands to the persons entitled to receive the same. g;:.f;;'bl$,“*j{£“ SEO. 1037. Each constable shall nenew his bond on the thirtieth aiay Renewal of bond. of June, in every alternate year of his continuance in office. Ibm_ Src. 1038. Constables are authorized to serve warrants and levy Power of constaexccutions issuedlliy justices of the and make return thereof to bmsuch justices, in the same manner an liable to the same penalties, as the marshal or his deputies. [l;e§§I10,0u.] ,4}£fo_{q?3.j Q pp. 745,746. United States ea. Bill, 2 Crunch, C. C., 202; Wells cs. Hubhard,2 Crunch, C. C., 292. Sec. 1039. Where a constable shall have received money, on any I;:“¤¤ °f ¤°¤· judgment or execution, not exceeding twenty dollars, and shall tail to :,°:¤°‘;°'§,f°Y °"' psy the same to the plaintiH, or his agent, when demanded, or shall fail -7;-.;.- to return any execution within the time limited for such return, it shall Ib¤d··¤-W»P·7·*5· be lawful for the supreme court of the District, on motion, five days’ previous notice being given to the constable, to enter up judgment instauter, against him for the amount so received, with interest and costs. Sec. 1040. The fees of constables shall be llxed and determined by Foes and comthe supreme court, and a commission of live per cent. shall be allowed ”““°'°°°- each constable for every sum on executions by him levied. 2, F,,,," 1w_ ,,_ 63, s. 2, v. 14, p. 402; 1 Mar., 1823, c. 106, s. 10, v. 3, p. 745. United Btstes es. Little, 1 Crunch, C. C., 411. CHAPTER THIRTY-THREE. POLICE COURT. sw. Sec. 1041. Police court established. 1054. Enforcement of sentences. 1042. Jud 1055. Rules and regulations. 1043. Ostgbfjudge. 1056. Seal; acknowledgments and oaths. 1044. Terms of court. 1057. Clerk, appointment and salary. 1045. Rooms for holding court. 1058. Deputy. 1046. Salaries of judge and officers; how 1059. Bond and oath of clerk. paid. 1060. Osths and amrmations. 1047. Designation of jutice in certain 1061. Nc fees to be charged. eases. 1062. Bsilitfs. 1048. Oath and compensation. 1063. May act as deputy-marshals, when. 1049. Jurisdiction. 1064. Prosecutions tobe by information. 1050. Power of judgeto issue process for 1065. Process for violation of District 5 I s. 1051. J udlggsitriay examine and commit. 1066. Protszss in other cases. 1052. General powers of court. 1067. Fcnn of process. 1053. Contexnpts. 1068. Marshals fees.