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SURVEYOR. 57 Sw ses 479. Reference to plat and record. 484. Surveyor’s certificate and record. 48). Alleys and passage-ways. 485. Examination of foundations; certifi- 481. Measurement of subdivisions; appor- cate. tronment of deficiencies. 486. Surveyor’s fees. 492. Encroachment by wall upon adjoin— 487. Subdivision of squares belonging to ing lot. United States. 483. Party-walls. g Sec. 472. The office of the surveyor of the District is the legal office of Legal ouice or record of the plats of all property in the city of Washington, and all records '°°°“l- of the division of squares and lots made between the public and original 17 May, 1548, ¤_ proprietors, or otherwise authorized by law, shall be kept in said oiilce. 42. s. 8. v. 9, p. 228. 12Jan.,1809,c.B, s. 7, v. 2, pp. 512, 513. Sec. 473. All transcripts from such records certified by the surveyor Fortified transhall be evidence equally valid with certified transcripts from the land- '°"P*° *° b° °'i· records of the District. Sec. 474. The surveyor, before entering upon the discharge of his du- Oath of surveyor. ties, shall take an oath or adirmation that he will faithfully and impar- tially perform the duties required of him by the provisions of this chap- ,,9, 5,3j °' ’ ter. Sec. 475. The plats of the squares in the city of Washington shall Plats of square; be drawn upon a uniform scale of not less than one inch to fifty feet, hw d¤¤W¤- and shall show the lines of all subdivisions of the squares as the same 17 my, 1848, ,,_ existed at the date of the completion of each square. 42, s. s, v. 9, p.2l8. Sec. 476. The method of description provided for by section shall What must be be such that the plats of the squares shall at all times show the lines of ¤h°"¤· property as actually existing in the squares. [mgm.] md, SEO. 477. Whenever the proprietor of any square or lot shall deem it gnbdgvgsicn gf necessary to subdivide the same into convenient building lots or portions squares. for sale and occupancy, and alleys for their accommodation, he may cause a plat to be made, on which shall be expressed the dimensions 8,,, ;,v_`§,p_5{1_' and length of all the lines of such portions as are necessary for defining and laying off the same on the ground, and may certify such subdivision under his hand and seal, in the presence of two or more credible witnesses, upon the same plat, or on a paper or parchment attached thereto. Sec. 478. At the request of the proprietor, the surveyor shall examine Examination st whether the lots or parcelsinto which any squareor lot may besubdivided, ¤¤"¤U°¤‘i °°m6· as provided in the preceding section, agree in dimensions with the whole of the square or lot so intended to be subdivided, and whether the dimen- Ibid.,s.2, pp. 511, sions expressed on the plat of subdivision be the true dimensions of the 5*2- parts so expressed; and if upon such examination he shall ilnd the plat correct, he shall certify the same under his hand and seal, with such remarks as appear to him necessary, and shall record the plat as examined in a book to be kept by him for that purpose. Sec. 479. When a subdivision of any square or lot shall be so certi- Refereucetoplat tied, examined, and recorded, the purchaser of any part thereof, or any Wd ¤>¤°¤i· person interested therein, may refer to the plat and record for descrip- Ibm_,,, 3, p_51g_ tion, in the same manner as to squares and lots divided between the commissioners and original proprietors. Sec. 480. The ways, alleys, or passages, laid out or expressed on any Alleys and puplat of subdivision, shall be and remain to the public, orsubject to the uses ¤¤g¤-W•5'¤- declared by the person making such subdivision, at all times under the TW same police regulations as the alleys laid olf by the commissioners on division with the original proprietors. Sec. 481. Whenever the surveyor shall lay of any lot, or any of the 1;.,,,..;,,.,,,,,; gf parts into which a square or lot may be subdivided as provided in this subdivisions; upchapter, he shall measure the whole of that front of the square on which £*£;‘:;:°°* °*` d°‘ such lot or part lies; and if, on such admeasurement, the whole front .i.;..._. of the square exceeds or falls short of the aggregate of the fronts of the Ibid., s. 4,p. 512.