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84 DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. of the premises, and any other n terial facts, and shall pray that the premisesf mlay be sold and the pro. eeds of the ale applied to the dischar eo thelien. service er sum- $13%. 698. The summons shall be served as in other cases, or, instead '”°“°· of service by publication, it may be made by delivering a copy thereof to 2 Fen., 1859, e. the person in possession of the premises. 17, as, v. 11, p. 311. lN¤¤¤·> in r¤¤‘· Sec. 699. If the defendant shall have sold or disposed of the premises [°j_°°j__; before the service of the summons, the court shall direct notice of the Ibid. piioceedingls to be served on the purchaser, or his agent for the premises, _ _ w I0 may thereupon if he desireit bemadeaparty defendant in the action. m{?;<:¢<>d¤¤s¤ ¤¤ Sec. 700. _The proceedings in ian action to enforce such lien·shall be mz-? EL'? “‘Z}‘.”.§’ §§"5§"1.‘3.¥‘£.§‘“a?‘E.?‘°£ “°1£““‘i’”‘i"¤*’i§’“‘“°“ ’E ""“ °"""‘ r-. · u m n ·· or epmni ema aveexe - tied issued against the prem ,s, and thereupon the marshal shall pig- P~··~»y ··f ¤·»=·-· °°§‘L3.“%‘6°£?‘¤£’1?§‘$?§L‘;“?,£‘§‘t,e"i?.' §lT{’.'$$.'.I‘.¥.;e .i'5’°€»£’1.?”;l=ee of ae Ibid., e. 1. chapter shall have precedence over all other liens or iucumbrances which attached upon the premises subsequent to the time at which the no ice was given. mg;-Mtn Dey- MSec. $02. If, upon a sale of the premises on execution, the proceeds _;___ insu cient to pay all such liens, the court shall order them to be paid Ibid. in proportion to the amount res ectivel due to h d n th property of the defendant ndt exgmpr executigh may b: goid td E t t f 1_ sagisfy siggh execution. ¥ •>¤ 0 ¤¤¤ E0. 7 . If the building beou any land lying outside the cities of

 Washington and Georgetown, the land upon which the same is erected,

t,,,,,,_ together with the space around the same, not exceeding five hundred REW ?£.?3’£.€°é’§§i‘32'0‘}f.i.'L°.}’;‘él?J“g’ ““““-""“? S? t"’l?¥" *°1‘i'“i’i‘i.°"’ ‘€.§"" ·· _ nor repair o - e DI ing s a ave en gen property of the person contracting for the erection or repair of the . Wh"' *¤ W°°h· S1:o.`704. If the buildingbe in the cities of Wasbin n G -

 °r G°°r“°“ town, the ground on which the same is erected, and a ggaceodf gighiil

E-— equal to the front of the building, and extending to the depth of the l;ot)o·;·cl<;ts $1 wlnclhtit is erected, (shall also be bound by the said lien, u o e con 1's ' iuV;l;;0:1ny jnin Sino. guy numfiilerglegppeillsgnstghginygeligulsnelgn thdlggme building, _;___ pursuan_ 0 e provisionso t isc a ter ma'f n, but 1me.,e.o. their claims shall be stated distiuctlypas in aggieig $:1;;:; :)nd the ygitdlgiiient shall show the amounts to which they are respectively euou i a. · . Mgonfl d *'°" °f gmc. 706. If several such actions be brought by diderent claimants, i gpudabteupending at the same time, the court may order them to be con- Snmfnntinn to 81:0.707. Whenever any person having a lien b ' . .. . . _ yvirtueof the ro- 2,*},,-;’£E°,_';"· "b"" > y;go:n)s;>iOth¥_cl1apter, (shall have received Satisfaction for his claim,£nd _.,.-—__ s_ IS procee ings ereon, e s all upon the request of any B,;??,,. ¤- 10. rn p:;`s<;r; ér;g;€§tled=;1inL1_ upon tlale payment or tender of the costs of enter- ` tf f _ f , · in six cys after such payment or tender, enter

a IS action o his demand in the office of the clerk; and upon failure to

o so he shall forfeit and pay fifty dollars to the party aggrieved, Rlld alladtgrulaéiesatyirhich he may have sustained in consequence of such faildiggzggp may be angglghgogicliri xgipsgsegggéglggaicmmeniid nude- this btghapter tlégdefcllg- ——+——— _ l!lg‘,WI sureyto a rov bte 37%;*10-, ¤- 11, p- ;:L5r£,) psthLg(¥i2`§ct tgat his will pay the judgment, that ma? be recovgred, when Own or SE 709_ A PPG y 1*0 ease his property from the lieu hereby created. l,,,],,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 0- · lly sub-contractor, Journeyman, or laborer employed m · · the t t · · · m,,,,, ,,5;,,,,,,c,,,,_ conls ruc ion or repair ot any building, or in furnishing any materials gzti or gnat_ inery_for the same, may give, at any time, the owner thereof May, mo, e, no icc m writing, particularly setting forth the amount of his claim and