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IN THE STATE OF MINNESOTA. 145 From Sturgis, by Nottlaga, tlc Centreville. •rom utton s ay to Ian . From Swartz Creek, by Gaines, to Byron. From Sylvania, in Ohio to Whiteford Centre. From Tecumseh, by Ridgeway Ridge, and York, to Ypsilanti. From Tlegimseh, by Tipton,lSpringville, Cambridge, Woodstock, Som-. erset, an oseow, to onesvi e. From Toledo, in Ohio, by Whitefield, Ottawa Lake, Riga, Blisstleld, Palmyra, Adrian, Clayton, Hudson, Florida, Hillsdale, Jonesville, Syl-, vanns, Quincy, Coldwater, Branch, Batavia, Bronson’s Prairie, Lock’s Station, Sturgis, White Pigeon, Bristol, Elkhart, in Indiana, Mishawka, South Bend, Laporte, Cofee Creek, and Calumet, to Chicago, in Illinois. N Frlom {Traverse City, by Dougberty’s Mission, and Centreville, to ort po From Traverse City, by Glen Harbor, and·Carp River, to Northport. From Traverse City, by Monroe Centre, and Wexford, to Sherman’s. From Traverse City, by Rootville, south arm of Pine Lake, east arm of Pine Lake, and Bear River, to Duncan. From Traverse City, by State Road, to Midland City. _ tolbrom Traverse City, by Stephen’s, Charlevoix, and Little Traverse, uncan. From Unadilla to Plaintleld. From Vassar to Port Sanilac. From Vassar, bylrlfatraéusville, Fairgrove, and Akron, to Unionville. rom ermontvi e to arrysville. From Vermontville to Iona. From Warnewille, by Oak Pgains, to Brighton. From atervliet to Deerfielm . From Wayne, byglgankiu, Plymouth, and Mead’s Mills, to N orthville. rom Wayne to mu us. From Wayne, by Romulus Centre, and Huron, to Brownston. From West Rives, by Aurelia s, to Delhi Centre. From West Ogden to Ogden Centre. From West Ogden to Robertson’s Corners. From White Pigeon, by Mottville, Union, Adamsville, Edwardsburgh, Niles, Cdtvtage Hill, in Indiana-, md Tlerre Coupe, to Hudson. From hitneyville to Grand pi s. From Ynouski, by Oran geville Mills, to Yankee Springs. IN THE STATE OF MINNESOTA. Minnesota. From Afton to Stillwater. ,, F From Albert Lea, by Blue Earth City, to Winnebago. _ gag, a {6; 3;):,% From Albert Lea, by Bristol, and Mason, to Cerro Gordo, in Iowa. 53:6. From Alexandria, by Holmes City, to Gager’s Station. 23 M¤$l¤· Xl8i; °· From Alexandria, by Leaf Valley, Millersville, Clitherall, Battle Lake ig',ug·,85é c_ City, Blooming Grove, and Aurdale, to Elizabethtown. ;gg,,·_ l1_ Pp_ lin, From Alexandria, by Miltona, and Leaf Valley, to Brandon. 132. _ From Alexlaudriah by;1Mo:,1 to Herman. 103, ]v{°H?m?)2l1g; rom noao eu ers . _ From Anoka to Mille Lac. 2324 June, 1858, e. From Anoka, by Pagaska, to Henderson. 162.v- 11.pp- 350- - 352 From Anoka, by St. Jonathan, to Snake River. 25, Fab lm, c From Anoka, by Cedar Grove, Bethel, Linwood, Oxford, and North 57m1g_,; lm ’ ‘ Branch, to Sunrise. 2 June, 1862, e. From Anoka to Taylor’s Falls. ai, '· 12· l’P· *16* From Antrim to Fétirmount. an Juno ,,,6, c_ •rom Atwater to osmos. pq _;;, '_:;1g_' From Atwater, by Kandryoki, to Lake Sillian. 10:} Muir;!; 1+55, e. · ‘ ,v. , .5* . From Austin to Blue Earth City. _ W_l d I to S _ t 14 Mm_cLl:’1866’°. From Austin, by Geneva, Berlin, Otisco, 1 ton, an osco, am mv. 14, P. ,,_ PER?. 18 July, 1866, c. From Austin to Mauketa. 202. v-14.r- 189- 11 s 111--10