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1 56 POST-ROADS. in township number one hundred and fourteen, range forty-one, of the fifth principal meridian. _ _ _ From Young America, by Camden, Saint George, and Konlska, to Hutchinson. M,,_,,,,;,,,,,_ IN THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI. zz Aug., 1554, s, From Abbeville to Pontotoo. _ _

 v. 10, pp. 450- HFre:;1OuAlۤrgeb:nh  Athens, Quincy, Splung, Grubb Springs, and

,- ami . 2.;; Q‘;§",,}§_,gj °‘ From Aberdeen, by Camargo, Harrisburg, and Ellistown, to Ripley. 3'March, IE56, ¤. From Aberdeen, by Houston, Greensboro, Kilmichael, Ceralvo, Shou- 21{évAl&·v·fggé 0. galo, Franklin, and Benton, tobYazoo City. 168, v_ Hap. Mgr From Aberdeen, to J aclnton y Fulton. _ 3 M,,,,,,,, 185, ,,_ From Aberde(eu,’ by Pikevl gland Buena Vnsta, to Houston. 109, . 11, ’ . 2s3i From Ashlan , y Hickory • at and Cornersville to Oxtbrd. myjF¤;?wp1853:é·¤ From Ashland, by Rocky Ford, to Pontotoc. 7 5-, .i.°bj’l’,,6,’ °_ From Augusta to Eldon Iiggh School. _ _ _ _ _ _ ' 5,, v_1Q_ ,,_ 160. rom_ ugusta, by int reek, Pass Christian, and Mississippi City, 18 July, 1866, c. to Biloxi. ‘ 20:% §:r·tb1>iég•é-0 From Angustahby Leaf River, McLe0d’s Cross Roads, and Jackson 35 v_ 15 P: 4g_ · · Court-House, to obile, in Alabama. j, _,,,,',, wm ,,_ From Baldwin to Pleasanton. 273, v. 16, pp. 286, From Bankston to La Grange. Wgé Feb., lm, ce From Beauregard, by Westville, and Raleigh, to Garlandsville. ,0, v ,6 464 From Beaver Dam to Macksville. 1,; _,,,,,_;{°gy2,,,_6, From Beaver Dam by Napier, and Owenton, to Erata. v. 17,Em. From Belfontaiue, by Grenada, to Farmville. 1554 gl 1%% ¤·. From Belfontaine, to Oxford, by Pittsborough. 42,;,'jun;,,’,38g5,;c_ viarcm Bcnela, by Keas Bridge, Big Creek, and Jc¤es’ Mills, to Coffee- , . 17, . . · 3 Rami}: 1873, c. From Benela, by Pittsborongh, and Hartford, to Sarepta. 255, v- 17.1>·59r From B:ngn,tb)yVL1ncoll1i, igielnville, and Sartartia, to Claiborneville. om n n aug n s tion. From Benton to Yazoo City. From Big Oak, by Marion Station, to Philadelphia. A£r)<;m Biloxi, by Lynchburg, and Jackson Court-House, to Mobile, in ma. From Bilbzi, byllgllississippi City, to Pass Christian. o n o rownsvil e. From Balto: Depotcto Raymond. rom ran on, y reenbush Hillsb ’, C nt L' Un H - bert, Big Oak, De Kalb, Scooba; Gainestvihe, i;uAl5abs:i1ta ::3 Houeiit Hebron, to Clinton. ’ t0F(15omhB;a5ndon, by Pelahatchee, Densontown,Ludlow, and Balluctah, a M£lr;>r1;1“?:·a¤élg;rfdib5£' Polkville, Trenton, Raleigh, Pinnellville, and From Brandon, by Raleigh, and Garlandville, to Quitman. mF;·g:r;3randou, by Westville, Janesville, and Dry Creek, to Will- From Brookville to Pickensville.

Brownsville, by Anti-Bank, Claiborneville, and Bienville, to

From Balluctah, by Pensacola, to Philadelphia. From Blurttontou, bys Utica, to Edward’s Depot. rom ‘an n _ y enton Ebeneze Le, A a . Black Hawk, Cmla, Carroltoh, Beckville, Gr€i:1a·dt:?Oak(a)cFhibkf1J:1ia>? gb? fccrgillei, xVaterYa1ley, Spring Dale, Sevier, Oxford, Abbeville, Water- 0 , o y Springs, Hudsonville, and Lamar, to La Grange, in Tenn. From banton, by Carthage, Edinburg Laurel Hill Philadel mia Summerville and Wahalak to G·'ll ,’* I ’ i , ainesu e, in Alabama.