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14 POSTROADS. From William Will’s, to Thomas Baggettfs, in Florida. _ Froan Winfzhester, to Linden, by Jersey, Butler, Mount Sterling, and T 'nsvi e. 01211*211: Wood Shop to ]Newton. to Z h From Woodville by enuamecr, ao_ary._ _ Fiéom 'gellow Creek, by Quincy, in Mississippi, Okalama, and Red L , to re ta. From Younp ville b Beckettsville, Chapman’s Ford, Goldvllle, Jackgs 1 y son’s Camp, Almond, and Wesobulga, to Weedowee. Arkansas. IN THE STATE OF ARKANSAS. 3 Aug., 1854, c. From Aberdeen, by Clarendon, Watensaw, Lake Bind', Duvallfs $·*· W- PP- *63* Bind; Des Arc, Augusta, Grand Glaze, Elizabeth, Jacksonport, and Oil ' Trou h, to Batesville. _ 21:l,§§r(ibp.¥7%§’ c` Frgm Aberdeen, by Mound City, to Memphis, m Tennessee. 18 Aug., 1856, ¤- From Amity to Hot Springs. 16g·§;£LP·1@ 0 From Antoine, by Brooktown, Murfreesbor0’, John Russ’s, and Fan- ' ’n' n, to Paraclifta. _ Mi:Z1h1¤{g`ize€é, o. ulgboom Antoine, by Stewart’s Store, and Captain Tate’s, on Little 162.*- 1i.1>·338· Missouri River, to Camden. _ 5,,2; £’*;· °· From Antrim, by Okolona, Rome, Beech Creek, and Red Hill, to ’ ‘ ‘` Camden. 2¢>;8v:]il£’ c` From Arkadelph' by Alpine, Amity, Centreville, and Caddo Cove, . v **1 25 July. 1868. ¤· to Mount Ida. _ ";·fia§hI;·}€:·,, °_ Frlrim Arkadelphia, bly Rome, Gray’s Ferry, Moscow, Mount Moriah, _ _ _’ and osston to agno 'a. 13s1g1g5e1g {*62:1,0, o. From Arkadelphia, by Terre Noir, to Rome. 22,:-l'6.l1>·6%m cl From Arkansas Post, by La Grew’s Springs, and Molina del Rey, to “ ’· • Crockett’s Bluili wggvj{%_?°1?%, ,,_ From Athens, to Springfield, in Missouri. 101,v. 16, 460. From Augusta, by Alvin McDonald, to Jacksonport. 28 F20 GP; 1;871»<>· From Bartholgmew, bylféolly Point, to Hawkins' Landing. · · · · · From Batesvi etoAs at. _ 6,$1`;?';Q£B72’ °' From Batesville, by Black Oak, and Mount Olive, to Pineville. 14 Mtv, 1872, c. From Batesville, by Curia, Barry, and Smithville, to Jackson. 159.*- 17. PP- wb From Batesville b Graham, Wallace Creek, Little Rocky Bayou 1 5 1 1*%,, hm ,8.,2, °_ Bichwoods, Sylamon reek, and Locust Grove, to Wiley’s Cove. m_,_17'l,}_38o_ From €atestty;’i® by Mount Olive, Yellville, Carrollton, and Hunts· 3Marc ,1813,o. vile to ayee. 255.* 17.1*-587- From Batesville, by Poke Bayou, Wild Haw , and Franklin, to Pilot Hill. From Batesville, by Rocky Bayou, and Mount Olive, to North Fork. From Batesville, by Sullivan’s Creek, to Evening Shade. From Batesville, by Walnut Grove, and Hazel Grove, to Smithville. From Batesville, to Yellville, by Rapp’s Barren. From Baxter Springs, in Kansas, to Fort Smith, by Maysville. From Benton, by B1and’s, and Brazil, to Perryville. From Benton, by Brown’s, to Lost Creek. kFr€mMBento£, by Owensville, Whittington, Aiken’s Store, and Haro . o oun a. From Bentonville, by J. M. Hoge’s, to Fayetteville. From Bentonville, by Spavinaw, to Maysville. From Big. Flat to Pineville. From Boonville to Fort Smith. From Brinkley to Augusta. TrFrzm Brmkley, by Cypress Ridge, Hickory Ridge, and Dades, to n n. From Brinkley to Jacksonport. From Brownstown, by Paraclifta, to Doaksville. From Brownsville, by Major John Hardin’s, to Lake Bluf. From Brownsville, by Pigeon Roost, to Des Arc.