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162 ros1·-1zoAos. Red River Landing, in Louisiana, Saint Francisville, Waterloo, Hermit age, Port Hudson, Lobdell’s Store, Baton Rouge, Brulee Landing, Manchac, Plaquemine, Iberville, Bayou Goula, New River. Donaldsonville, Tureaud, Convent, Bonnet Carré, Edgard, Taylor, and Labranche Lauding, to New Orleans. W 1 S From Vicksburg, by Warrenton, to il ow pring. From Vicksburg, by White House, Cardiiiy and Satartia, to Yazoo City. From Vicksburg, by Young’s Point, in Louisiana, Milliken’s Bend, Pecan Grove, Tallula, Lake Providence, in Louisiana, Princeton, Grand Lake, in Arkansas, Point Worthington, Greenville, Columbia, in Arkansas, Gaines’ Landing, and Victoria, to Napoleon in Arkansas. From Wah ak to Scoob , al a. From Waterford, by Pink Hill, to Milton. rom West Station to Sidon. From Westville to Harrisville. From Westville, by Hebron, to Monticello. From Westville, by Old Hickory, to Raleigh. From Westville, by New Dublin, to Monticello. From Williamsburg, by Bunker Hill, and Fairmount, to Raleigh. From Williamsburg, by Mount Carmel, and Monticello, to Brookhaven. From Williamsburg, Oakohay, and Pinnellville, to Ellisville. lgom Williamsburg, by Zion Seminary, Monroe, and Enon, to Augus From Winchester, by Red Hill to Taylorton. From Woodville to Hopewell Church. From Woodville, by Percy Creek, to Fort Adams. From Yazoo City, to W. H. Lambeth’s, on Silver Creek. M- _ IN THE STATE OF MISSOURI. ISSOHH. W From Aaron’s Rock to Cambridge. 3 Aug., 1856, c. From Allen, by Kytesville, to Brunswick. $3*2.*- I » PP- ·>‘·*8· _From Allendale, by Centrehill, Smithton, and West Point, to Mary- ‘“· hl .. I _ vile. 35;, ih, ;;°?;o3, P\E·]<;m‘A`lIe%1;·a:.:iIdriEa, by the coiiigyseatst ofIClg.rk, Scotland, Schuyler, . 1 arrison an en r o .1 n. 16g8vAl*f·· 1:* From ’Alexandria to Winchester. y, u 6 ,30: ‘ ’ P ‘ · From Alexandria, by Saint Fraucisville, Kossuth, and Athens, to 10gMaf;:h,gI,c. Fagmnngxin, mdlowal; S F N- .p- - m lexan_ ria y aint rancisville Waterloo` Ashton Eldorado,

”éfv·l‘;£°i) Agiaé
Memphis) Milcgge Fabius, and Cherry Grove; to Lancaster.

sn Fan., isei, c. From Apple Creek to Murphysboro’ in Illinois. ig, v. 12, pp. 160, From Apple_Crcek, by Wittenburgli, Wood, and Sprucds Ferry, to .· i., 1..., .. M·;;¤g;g§g>¤¤;’·,·¤ ¤,§*¤gg· , . . g;,_,_12,,,_,“6_‘ J k pp e on, y tenberg, Neely s Landing, Pleasant Hill, and Umvsaéy, 1%, e. agrgonk to App esrcek. _ _ 55% Rinkésé, c. in mimmpp eton, y Pleasant Hill, and Vanc1l’s Ferry, to Jonesborough, "§0'_;;{%,'[,] §£,_,,_ Cgrom Appleton, by Pocahontas, and Vancil’s Store, to Cape Girardeau ,v. ,p. . 1 · 18 July. 1866. ¤- From Appleton Qity to Roscoe. °°;•6'j:f}?·,$, c. From Arno, by Ava, to H artville. ggzm 14, Pp_ gw, tolérgomgéggovz Rock, by Jouesboro’, Ridge Prairie, and Heath’s Creek, 198 Muah, 1%.c- From Arrow Rock to Qld Jciferson. ..3** tr-?Q;*“·~· R32 2?£L°’* §Z.".%?.‘£$:.;‘.§ °'°°"· “’ '**"******¤··· ,v. ,p. . Us ‘ . 26 July. 1868, ii. From Auburn by New Hope to Lost Creek 3:.*- 15. pp. 190. From Auburn; by Prairieville, to Louisiana. • From Barnumtowu to Roney.