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1N THE STATE OF MISSOURI. 173 From Osceola, by Jeukin’s Brid e uiuc and Bledsoe to Her i g . From Osceola to Montevallo. g ’Q y, 1 m ta 8 From Osceola, to Pleasanton, in Kansas. From Osceola, by Roscoe, Saint Helen, Ooplinger’s Mills, Fremont, White Hare, Horse Creek, and Coon Creek, to Carthage. From Osceola, by Roscoe, to Schell City. From Osceola to Springfield. From Osceola to Stockton. From Owensville, to Mount Carmel, in Illinois. From Ozark, to Batesville, in Arkansas. From Ozark to Douglas Court-House. From Ozark, by Golf Creek, to Galena. From Ozark, by Stevens’ Mill, to Mount Vernon. From Palmyra, by Brookville, Philadelphia, West Springfield, Novelty, and Wilson, to Kirksville. ' From Palmyra, by Brookville, Philadelphia, WesfSpringBeld, Newark, Bee Ridge, Edina, and Sand Hill, to Memphis.' From Palmyra, by Houston, and Nelsonville, to Newark. From Palmyra to Marion City. From Palmyra, by North River, Warren, Oakdale, Shelbyville, Hager’s Grove, and Ten Mile, to Bloomington. From Papinsville, by Eton, and White Hare, to Greentleld. From Papinsville, by Little Osage, Dry Wood, and Lamar, to Carthage. From Paris to Florida. NFrom Paris, by Greenwood, Walkersville, Shelbyville, and Bethel, to ewark. From Paris, by Middle Grove,- to Benick. From Paris, by Woodlawn, Woodville, Williamsouville, Bloomington, East Fork, and Newburg, to Kirksville. _ From Parkville, by Barry, Fairmount, Smithville, Carpentefs Store, and Plattsburgh, to Gallatin. , From Parkville, by Plattsburgh, Gallatin, Trenton, Milan, and Memphis, to Burlington, in Iowa. From Parkville, to Quindaro, in Kansas. From Parkville, by Ridgeley, and Plattsburgh, to Stewartsville. ‘ From Patterson to Doniphan. From Patterson, by McKenzie’s Creek, and Monmouth Springs, to Logan’s Creek. From Pattonsburg to Albany. From Perryville, by Biehle’s Store, and Stamer’s Mill, toGreene. From Perryville, by Port Perry, to Chester. _ From Phelps City, by Rockport, and Quitman, to Maryville. From Pickering to Grant City. From Pierce City, by Sarcoxie, and Avilla, to Bowen-’s Mill. From Pierce City to Washburn. From Pilot Knob, by Charles Carter’s, to Doniphan. From Pilot Knob to Houston. _ From Pinclrney, by Loutre Island, and Big Spring, to Danville. From Platte City, by Farley, to Leavenworth City, in Kansas. From Platte City to Parkville. From Plattsburg, by Castile, Boyer’s Settlement, and Rochester, to Savannah. From_Plattsburgh, by Platte River, Arnoldsville, Berming, De Kalb, and Rushville, to Atchinson, in Kansas. OFrom Pleasant Hill, by Aubrey, in Kansas, Paola, and Staunton, to ttawa. ,From Pleasant Hill, by Bloomington, to Mound City, in Kansas. From Pleasant Hill to Peculiar. From Pleasant Home to Willmathsville. From Plymouih to Dunkle’s Store. _ _ _ From Point P easant, by Brown’s Ferry, to Gainesville, in Arkansas.