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16 POST-ROADS. From Dallas], by Milton, Ozan, and Nashville, to Washington. From Danvi le, up Dutch Creek, to Waldron. _ From Danville, by William Park’s, and Milton Galbreath’s, to Felix Grundy Gaines’. _ From Danville, by Parkersburg, Bock Creek, Revilee, Trouble Hill, Booneville, New Market, and Greenwood, to Fort Smith. From Danville, by Rover, and Blnfton, to Milton Galbreath’s. From Dardanelle to Fort Smith. From Dardanelle, by Petit~Jean, and Bover, to Mount Ida. From Dardanelle to Waldron. From Darysaw, by Camp Creek, and Cherry Grove, to Lost Creek. From Darysaw, by White Oak, and Powell’s Mills, to Elba. From Des Arc Bluf intersecting militagy road near Cadron Ferry, by Lewisburg, Lemoine’s Ferry, and Dardan le, to Fort Smith. From Des Arc, by Cotton Plant, to Oakland. From Des Arc, by West Point, to Searcy. From Deval1’s Bluff to De Witt. From Deval1’s Blui! to Pine Blutll From Doaksville by Armstrong Academy, to Fort Wasbita. From Dover, by Big Creek, to Forsyth, in Missouri. From Dover by Borland, to Yellville. From Devall’s Bluif, by De Sauk, and West Point, to Kensett. From El Dorado, by Beaver Ruin, Three Creeks, Scottsville in Louisiana, Franksville, Tiger Creek, and Hornet, to Minden, in Louisiana. From El Dorado, by Champagnolle, Wilmington, Gravel Ridge, Lanark, Warren, Montonga, Monticello, and Cut OH', to Bartholomew. From El Dorado, by Hillsboro', and Cherry Ridge, to Farmersville. From El Dorado, by Lisbon, and Bufalo, to Camden. _ From El Dorado, by Lisbon, Mount Hol y, Village Creek, Calhoun, Magnolia, and Dorcheag, to Lewisville. From Elizabeth, by oleraine, Santa Fe, Oak Bidge, Lorado, and Walcott to Gainesville. From Elizabeth, by Jacksonport, Kenyon, Clover Bend, and Powhatan, to Smithville. · From Elizabeth to Walcott. From Eunice to Fulton, by Monticello, and Camden. From Evansville, by Flint, and Tahlequah, to Fort Gibson. From Fair Forest, by Relf’s Blum Montonga, Monticello, Lacy, Fountain Hill, Hamburg, and Elin, to Bastrop, in Louisiana. From Fair Play, by Olitl's Mills, to Owensville. From Fair Play to Hot Springs. _ From Fayetteville, by Bloomington, to Washburn, in Missouri. From Fayetteville to Boon’s Grove. From Fayetteville, by Boon’s Grove, to Carrollton. From Fayetteville, by Hilochci, to Maysville. Gilgolm Fayetteville, by Rhea’s ll, Cincinnati, and Telegraph, to Fort From Fayetteville to Vinitia. mm Fort grguckle to Fort Sill. mo ison,b CreekA n ,MiocoandF ai Fort Arbuckle. y go cy ’ ort W sh tg to From Fort to Gllbmgierque, in New Mexico. rom or m1 _ , y oe wA ency, Pe svill and Bog De to Fort WMhlt8,·lD the Cherokee N ation. ny 8, gy Pot, From Fort Smith, by Choctaw Agency, and Micco, to Fort Washita. From Fort Smith, by Choctaw Agency, to Doaksville. EZ.? i???? S'.£’E}.‘ T 'T¤°"“° ‘°i5*°3* ‘£}‘.3"° mt “"“"°‘ _ _ 1 enn in , s' an Tulmlinseinvillg, to Waldron. y gd mma, mack Jack, d rom ort mith, b James’ Fork Su ‘an J ack, to Tumlinsonvilfe. ’ gu Loaf; Om°°vm°’ d mack From Fort Smith, by Kidron, to Fort Gibson.