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182 POST-ROADS. From Jackson to Taife. _ From Jenkins’ Mill, to Concordia, in Kansas. _ _ _ From J nlesburgh, by Fort Laramie, and Deer Creek, to Virginia City, in Idaho. From J uniata, by North Blue, and Wells, to Red Cloud. From Kearney City to New Fort Kearney. _ _ From Kearney Station, by Fort Kearney, Republican City, to Truesdale, and Hays City, in Kansas. From La Porte to Wisner. From Leavenworth City, by Stanley’s, Mooney. Grasshopper Falls, Rock Point, and Vermillion, to Dyer’s, on the Big Blue. From Lincoln to Beatrice. _ _ From Lincoln, by Camden, and Pleasant Hill, to Meridan. From Lincoln to Columbus. From Lincoln, by Milford, to Beaver Creek, and Fort Kearney. From Lincoln, by the Oak Groves, and Seward. to the mouth of Douglas Creek. _ _ _ From Lincoln, by Tecumseh, Pawnee City, and Fries Mills, to Albany. From Lincoln, by Tipton, Oak Creek, and Sand Creek, to Benton. From Lindon, in Missouri, by John Worland’s, and Bennett’ Ferry, on the Missouri River, to Nebraska City. From Linwood to Columbus. _ From Little Sioux, in Iowa, by Arizona, and Tekamah, to \Vest Point. From Lone Tree to Niobrara. From Lone Valley, by Valparaiso, Lone Star, Ulysses, and Cottonwood, to Osceola. From Lowell to Alma City. From Lowell to Melrose. From Lowell, by Riverton, to Ellsworth. From Magnolia, in Iowa, to Black Bird City. From Magnolia, in Iowa, to Florence. From Marshalltown, by Nevada, Boonsborough, Jefferson, Canalton, Denison, and Onawayin, in Iowa, to Decatur. From Meridian, by Jersey City, Walnut Creek, Ohiowa, Glengary, and Empire, to Fairmont. From Miltord, by West Mills, to Dorchester. From Miltbrd to York. From Missouri River, between Great and Little Nemaha Rivers, by Archer, and Salem, and to Big Blue River. From Monroe, by Cleveland, Columbus, Buchanan, Emerson, North Bend, Fontanelle, Cuming City, Medail, and Mouth of Soldier River, to Magnolia, in Iowa. From Nebraska City, by Bartlett’s Mill, Snyders, McClure’s Settlement, and Morlon’s Ford, to Table Rock. h From Nebraska City, by Belleview, and Omaha City, to Fort Caloun. From Nebraska City, by Elm Creek, Buffalo Creek, month of north forkdof Platte River, and Lodge Pole Creek, to Boulder City, in Colora o. From Nebraska City to Glen Bock. From Nebraska City, by Hamburg, Clarinda., and Bedford, to Chariton, in Iowa. From Nebraska City, by Helena, Kingston, Beatrice, and Blue Springs, to Marysville, in Kansas. From Nebraska City, by Lincoln, to Camden. From Nebraska City, to Linden, in Missouri. L From Nebraska City, by New Fort Kearney, and Ash Hollow, to Fort aramie. From Nebraska City, by Quincy, Red Oak, and Junction, to'Winterset, in Iowa. From Nebraska City, by Rich’s Ford, Helena, Bryson, and Hooker, to Beatrice.