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184 POST-ROADS. From Pawnee City, by A. It. Hunt’s, Tecumseh, Kingston,_and Three Forks of Great Nemaha, to Olatha, on Salt Creek. _ From Pawnee City, by Steinman, Stewart’s, and Muddy, to Beatrice. From Peru, by Brownsville, Nemaha City, and Falls C1ty, to Atchison. From Pioneer to Elkton. _ From Plattsmouth, by Cedar Creek, South Bend, and Parallel City, to Long Island. From Plattsmouth to Columbus. _ From Plattsmouth, by Eight Mile Grove, to Weeping Water. _ From Plattsmonth to Fort Kearney, on south side of Platte River. From Plattsmouth, by Glendale, Fountain Station, Salt Creek, Lake Station, Burnhill’s, McCabe Station, McFarlan¢l’s, O’Donnell’s, Brackett’s, Big Martin’s, Bissell, Mabine, and Junction City, to Fort Kearney. From Plattsmonth, by Glendale, South Bend, Ashland, Salt Creek, Rock Creek, Lancaster, Saline City, Saltillo, Centreville, Olive Branch, and Clatona, to Beatrice. From Plattsmonth, by Kenosha, and Wyoming, to Kearney City. From Plattsmonth, to Pacific City, in Iowa. From Plattsmouth, by Plattford, and- Forks of Salt Creek, to Camden. From Plattsmouth, by Bock Blnlfs, and Kenosha, to Sidney, in Iowa. . From Papillion, by Plattford, South Bend, and E. Ball’s, on Stephcu— son Creek, to Lincoln. From Plattsmouth, by Weeping Water, Stoor Creek, Shirley Station, Lancaster, Saline City, and Middle Creek, to Blue River. From Pleasant Hill, by Tabor, Lucieville, Saxon, Empire, Henry,' Eden, Bryant, and Elkton, to Bed Cloud. From Plum Creek, by Arrapahoe, and mouth of Frenchman’s Fork, to J ulesburg, in Colorado. From Ponca, by Daily Branch, and Morton’s Place, to Saint James. From Ponca to Fremont. From Ponca, by Iona, to Vermillion, in Dakota. - From Ponca, to Texas, in Dakota. From Red Cloud, to Denver, in Colorado. From Bed Cloud, to Fort Hays, in Kansas. From Red Cloud, by Wells, North Blue, Gilson, Hastings, Martinsville, and J unctionville, to Grand Island. From Riceville to Blue Island. From Rose Creek to Dryden. From Saint James to Lincoln. From Saint J ohn’s, in Iowa, by De Soto, and Fontanelle, to Buchanan. ' From Saint Mary’s, in Iowa, to Plattsmouth. From Saint Stephens to Archer. From Saltillo, by Centreville, Olive Branch, and Baden, to De Witt. From Santee Agency, to Springfield, in Dakota. From Sergeant Blnifs, in Iowa, to Black Bird City. From Sergeant Bluds to Florence. From Schuyler, by Moriau, and Abington, to Midland. From Seward, by Adel, to Thayer. From Seward, by Westtleld, to York. From Sidney, in Iowa, to Nebraska City. From Sidney, in Iowa, to J. D. N. Thompson’s, at ’I‘hompson’s Ferry. From Susan City, by Biceville to Wells’ Mills. From Sutton, by Spring Ranch, to Meridian. From Swan City by Monroe, to Westls Mills. From Syracuse, by Burr Oak, Hendricks, and Latrobe, to Laoni. From Table Rock, by Pawnee City, Calla, West· Branch, and Mission Creek, to Otoe Agency. From Tecumseh, by Helena, to Lincoln City. From Tonora, in Missouri, to Brownville.