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186 POST·ROADS. From Humboldt Wells, by Ruby Valley, to Hamilton. From Ione, by way of Canon City, to Austin. _ From Ione, by Ophir Canon, Boiling Springs,and San Antonio, to Crystal Springs. _ From Montezuma, by Alida, to Gold Mountain. _ From Palisade. by Mineral Hill, Secret Canon, Hamilton, and Treasure City, to Shermantown. _ _ From Palmetto, intersecting the Aurora and Silver Peak route, in Fish Lake Valley. From Pine Grove to Rockland. _ From the mail-station, on the overland mail-route in Ruby Valley, to Camp Hallock. From Tecoma to Buel. From Touno to Saint Joseph. _ From Touno, by Schellburne, Piermont, Sacramento District, Patterson District, and Silver Park, to Pioche City. From Twin River, by Silver Peak, to Palmetto. From Unionville, by Mill City, to Dun Glen. From Unionville, by Star City, Dun Glen, Moore’s and White`s Ranch, Pi-Ute Knob, the Owyhee and Jordan’s Creek mines, Boise City. Idaho City, Centreville, and Placerville, in Idaho, to Virginia City, in Montana. From Virginia City to American City. From Virginia City, by Unionville, and Star City, to Humboldt. From Virginia City, by Oreana, Unionville, Star City, and Dun Glen, to Boise City, in Idaho. From Virginia City, by Sacramento District, Unionville, Star, Dun Glen, and Paradise Valley, to Boise City, in Idaho. From Wadsworth to Ellsworth. From Wadsworth, by Fort Churchill, to Pine Grove. From Wz1< to Greenfield. From Wadsworth, by Saint Clavis Station, Stillwater, West Gate, Ellsworth, and San Antonio, to Belmont. From Wadsworth, by Stillwater, to Ellsworth. From Wadsworth, by Walker River, Metallic District, Roads, Salt Marsh, Columbus, Silver Peak, Palmetto, and Fish Lake Valley, to Fort Independence. . From W ellington’s, by Pine Grove, and Wavshington, to Aurora. From Wellington Station, by Mammoth, and Ione, to Austin. From Wells Station, by Clover Valley, Spruce Mountain, Schellburne, Ruby Hill, Piermont, and Silver Park, to Pioehe. From West Gate to Ione. From Winnemucca to Camp Winiield Scott. From Winnemucca to Paradise Valley. New Huirrsbire- IN THE STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE. 3 Mz-. 1854, ¤· From Amherst, by Milford, East Wilton, Wilton, Mason, and Mason QQ "· 1°> !’P· 3"3‘ Village, to New Ipswich. 3'M,,mh,`,855, ,,_ B From Barrington, by Centre Stratford, and Centre Barnstead, to 2ll, v. 10, p. 704. aI'I1St€2 . 14 June. 1§5*=t ¤· From Bath to Dansville. 16;%*,,;% Pig? C. From Bennington to Peterborough. 57,,,_12,i,’_162_ ’ From Berlin Falls, by Berlin, to Milan. 952 alrite, KSVSS2, ¤. A From Igosizlgweln to Webster. .v- ‘.p· ·_ ·rom ra or , by ewbury, and New ort to Claremont. 1·,}4,,'??;y;,_1€?f’ °' F1‘0¤1 BFISVJL by Bridgewater, and Heblions to Groton, 3’M,,,g,,’ 1865, ,,_ From Bristol, by Bridgewater, and West Plymouth, to Rumney. 104,v. 13, p. 52,*3. From Brookline. to Railroad Depot, at Pepperell. 255VJT]y. ig?. ¤· From Canaan, in Vermont, to Connecticut Lake. 3·Mu;,B·,86é c_ From Canterbury Depot, by Canterbury, to Shaker Village. .1;,,,,,_1;,,,,_;;3,_’ From Centre Ossipee to Freedom. From Centre Ossipee to Moultonville.