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IN THE STATE OF NEW YORK. 293 mcia, Shandaken, Pine Hill, GriHin’s Corners, Colesville, Arkville Middletown Centre, Clark’s Factory, and Andes, to Delhi. ’ From Knowlesville, by Millville, to Farmingham. From Knoxhoro’ to Munsville Station. From Lu Fargeville to Alexandria Bay. From Lake View, by North Evans, Eden Valley, Eden, and Collins, to Shirley. From Lumson’s, by Little Utica, Polkville, and Lysander, to Plainville. From Lamson's to Pennellville. From Lancaster, by East Aurora, Grihin’s Mills, West Falls, Colden, and Glenwood, to Springville. _ WFrom Le Roy, by Pavillion Centre, Pearl Creek, and Wyoming, to ursaw. From Le Roy, by Roanoke, East Bethany, Bethany, West Bethany, and Brookeville, to Alexander. From Lewiston, by Dickersonville, to Cambria. From Lewiston to Niagara Falls. From Lewiston, by Rochester, Oswego, Sackettfs Harbor, Kingston, in Canada, Clayton, Alexander, and Morristown, to Ogdensburg, From Lewiston to Youngstown. From Lexington, by West Kill, and Bushnellsville, to Shanduken. From Liberty, by Parksville, Purvis, Rockland, Beaverkill, Shinn Creek, and Shavertown, to Pepacton. From Liberty, by Youngsville, Callicoon, and North Branch, to Callicoon Depot. From Linden, by Middlebury, Wyoming, Pearl Creek, Covington, Peoria, Greigsville, Piffard, and Spottswood, to Geneseo. _ From Lilse, by East Berkshire, and Wilson Creek, to Newark Valley. From Little Falls, by Danube, to Newville. From Little Falls, by Etonville, Fairfield, Middleville, Newport, Poland, Cold Brook, Russia, Gravesville, and Trenton Falls, to Trenton. From Little Neck, by Great Neck, to Manhassett. WFrom Little. Falls, by Jacksonburg, Paine’s Hollow, and Crain’s, to arren. From Little Falls, by Manheim Centre, Brookett’s Bridge, Salisbury, and Salisbury Centre, to Devereaux. From Little Falls, by Salisbury, to Graysville. From Lockport, by Coomer, and Maple Street, to Wilson. Wlirom Lockport, by Hickory Corners, Cambria, and South Wilson, to 1 son. From Lockport, by Pekin, to Lewiston. From Lockport, by Locust Tree, Rapids, West Newstead, North Clarence, and Clarence Centre, to Clarence. From Lockport, by Mapleton, and Shawnee, to Bergholtz. From Lockport, by Mount Cambria, Pendleton Centre, and Pendleton. to Lockport. From Lockport, by Wrightls Corners, Hess Road, and West Somerset, to Somerset. From Lockport, by Wright’s Corners. and Newfaue, to Olcott. _ From Lodi, by Lodi Centre, Seneca, Logan, and Burdett, to Watkins. WFrom Lodi, by South Lodi, North Hector, Hector, and Burdett, to atkins. From Long Lake, by Newcomb, to Minerva. From Lowville to Rodman. From Lowville, by South Harrisburg, Harrisburg, New Boston, and Pinkney, to Rodman. _ _ _ From Lowville, by Watson, New Bremen, Croghan, Diana, Pitcairn, East Pitcairn, and South Edwards, to Edwards. From Lyons Falls to Carthage. _ From Lyons, by South Sodus, and Alton, to Sodus Point. From McConnellsville, by Vienna, North Bay, West Vienna, Cleavehiml, Bernhard Bay, Constantin, and West Monroe; to Central Square.