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IN THE STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA. 215 From Concord, to Coddle Creek, by Mill Hill. From Concord, by Kirkland, Welch’s Mills, Pioneer Mills, Morrisou’s Tan Yard, Clear Creek, Cohurn’s Store, Fullwood’s Store, Oakville, Monroe Court—Honse, Walkersville, and J acksouham, to Lancaster Court-House, in South Carolina. From Concord, by Oak Lawn, Park’s Store, and Davidson College, to Coeldle Creek. From Creed’s Bridge to Knott’s Island. From Curritnck Court-House, by Coinjock, and Poplar Branch, to Powell’s Point. From Cypress Grove Post-Otiice, by Long Creek, Beatty’s Bridge, and Black River Chapel, to Harrel’s Store. - From Danbury, by Park’s House, to Tom’s Creek. From Dobson to Mount Airy. From Dobson, to Nuckollsville, in Virginia. From Durham’s Creek, by South Creek, to Bay River. From Dnrham’s Depot, by Simm’s Mill, Douglass, and Webb’s Factory, Fguréll Hill, Dial’s, and Creek Cross-Roads near Red Mountain, to South W r From Eagle Rock to Earpsboro’. From Eagle Rock to Newton. From Eagle Rock to Wilson. _From Edenton, by Ballard’s Bridge, Mintonsville, Sunbury, Gatesville, Buckland, Somerton, Holy Neck, and Factory Hill, to South Quay. From Edenton, by Hertford, Woodville, Elizabeth City, New Lebanon, South Mills, Lake Drummond, and Deep Creek, to Nortolk. From Elizabeth City, by Newbegun Creek, back to Elizabeth City. From Elizabeth City, to Norfolk, by Camden, Shiloh, Indiantown, Cowell’s Bridge, Currituck Court-House, Greeutown, Tull’s Creek, Northwestern Bridge, Hickory Ground, and Great Bridge. From Elizabeth City to Roanoke. From Elizabethtown, by Big Swamp, Fair Blnif, Cerro Gordo, White Marsh, Whitesville, and Western Prong, to Elizabethtown. From Elizabethtown to Clinton. t0Frt<gnbEverettsviHe, by Whiteiield’s Mills, Sleepy Creek, and Jericho, S ane. From Enfield, by Heathsville, Bunkleysville, Ringwood, and Sycamore Alley, to Enfield. From Enfield, by Scotland Neck, Palmyra, Hamilton, Williamston, and Gardneis Bridge, to Plymouth. From Fair Bind, by Conwayboro’, to Bucksville, and Georgetown, in South Carolina. From Fairfield, by Middletown, Lake Landing, and Lake Comfort, to Swan Quarter. From Farmer’s Turnout to Supply. From Fayetteville, by Blen’s Bridge, McDonald’s Mill, Bastuck Mills, Rock Grove, Covington, Powelton, Pekin, Little Mills, Pine Hill, Dumas’ Store, in Richmond, Swift Island, Charles Creek, Mount Gilead, McCoe’s Mills, Troy, Montgomery Court-House, Milledgeville, Macedonia, C1ark’s Mills, New Gilead, and Salem Grove, to Argyle. From Fayetteville, on the east side of Cape Fear River, by Blocker’s, to Elizabethtown. _ From Fayetteville, by Dundarrach, Randallsville, Montpelier, Laurel Hill, Springfield, and Brightsville, to Cheraw, in South Carolina. From Fayetteville to Elizabethtown, by Terebin the,Blocker’s, Deseret, and White Oak. From Fayetteville, by Gray’s Creek, Prospect Hall, Lyon’s Landing, Elizabethtown, White’s Creek, and West Brook, to R.obinson’s. From Fayetteville to Kingsbury. _ From Fayetteville, by Ky1e’s Landing, Hill’s Ferry, McNe1l’s Ferry, Kmgsburg, and Elevation, to Smithfield.