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IN THE STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA. 217 Frolm Greenville, by Jones’ Gap, and Davidson’s River, to Werdersonvx e. From Hamptonville, by Lovelace, to Wilksboroh

 gtameptofiville, by Zion, New Hope, Mount Pizgah, and Liberty

1 , svi le. From Haywood, by Martha’s Vineyard, Chalk Level, Northington, and Summerville, to MeNeil’s Ferry. - . ` t lérom HIa3yw;>od, by Trade’s Hill, Hackney’s Cross-Roads, and Grove, o reen ve . From Head of Bay Riyer, to James Potter’s, on Goose Creek Island. From Henderson, by Oxford, Berea, Boxborough, Leasburg, Moore’s Store, Milton, Lanrel Grove, and Ringgold, in Virginia, to Danville, in xrgnma. Flr3m Henderson to Willgnmshorough. m en ersonville to nncombe. From Hendersonville, by James Davis’, on Big Wilton, Thomas Asteénnis, gn C0reek,_Mg1gahhT(k'1omas’, on Little River, and Caesar’s ea ump in wn in ut aro ina. - I From Hejndersonville, by John Evan’s, Solomon Whitakcr’s, and Jesse rae s, to urtis. WFrom Hickgry Tayeanixby Dudley’s Shoals, Brusley Mountain, and arrior ree to i s rough. Figm Hillsboroughicolytfledar Grove, Walnut Grove, Prospect Hill, an ordontown to s urg. McF1§om Hillsbcaézgh, by Hawfleld, Mount Willing, Meadow-Creek, and aniel’s to k Creek. From Hillsborough to Seaburg. b0From_ Hillsborough, by Walnut Grove, and Van Hook’s Store, to Roxrough. From Hillsdale to Greensborough. From Hillsdale, by Summerfield, and Oak Ridge, to Berlin. From Holley’s Wharf, on the Chowan River, to Ballard’s Bridge. From Hookerton, by Johnston’s Mills and Coxville, to Greenville. From Hookerton, by Snow Hill, to Kingston. From Huntsville, by Red Pla.ins,kFast Bend, Forbush, Republic, Doweltown and Mount Nebo to Roc ord. From Ivy, by Clay, Flag Bond, and India-n Creek, to Longmire’s, in Tennessee. C From Ivy, by Gabriel’s Creek, Bull Creek, Walnut Creek, and Brush reek, to Warm Springs. From Jackson to Newbern. From Jamestown, by Hunt’s Store, Normal College Thomasville, Fair Grove, LaGrange, New Market, New Salem, Sandy Creek, Troy’s Store, Long’s Mills, Patterson’s Store, Snow Camp, Clover Orchard, Lindley’s Store, Clover Garden, Bethmont, and Rocky Spring, to Hillsborough. From Jamestown, by Westminster, and Deep River, to Abbott’s Creeks. From J efterson, to J ob1LEldEidge’s, in Ashe County. rom Jeiferson to Gap ‘ree .· From Jefferson to Richard Gentry’s, on New River. From Jefferson, by Hilton, and Manley, to Big Meadow. From Jetferson, by North Fork, Taylorsville, in Tennessee, Pandora, `£)(:lg§8l`,8 Ferry, Elizabethtown, Happy Valley, and Blue Plum, to Jonesro’ in Tennessee. HFrdm gonesblgrough, by Harrington, N orvell, and Summerville, to arnett onrt- ouse. S From J ghnsonville, by Harrington, Long Street, Rollin’s Store, Bryan’s tore, an Packet, to Jo nsonvi e. From J onesville, to J udesville, by State Roads. From K ns 'lleto Kngston. From K(eIy=esv;lle, by Wyliesburg, Christianville, Red Oak Grove, Oakley, Clarksville, White House, Black Walnut, Omega, Hyeo, Ounningham, and Milton, to Yancqvville.