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248 POST-ROADS. From Brodhead Station, by Hecktown, to Nazareth. From Broadheadsville to Long Valley. From Brockwayville to Reynoldsvrlle, _ From Browington, by Harrrsvrlle, and Westley, to Franklin. From Brookville, by Clarrngton, to Marrouvrlle. _ _ b From Brookville, by Dalmatra, Wortlrvrlle, and Ringgold, to Smrcksuébm Brookville to Knox Dale. _ .From Brookville, by Knox Dale, and McCalmont, to Big Bun. From Brookville, by Richardsville, Mary Annville, Scbolfneis Corners, Beach Bottom, and Bear Creek’s Mills, to Ridgeway. From Brookville, by Warsaw, Alvan, Brockwayvrlle, and Hellen, to B'd . · ‘lF§:r:aBrownsville, by Carmichael’s, Willow Tree, Davistown, Mount Morris, New Brownsville, in West Virginia, Blacksville, and Warren, to Bunton Station. ` From Brownsville, by Lake Como, to Tallrnansville. From Buckhorn, by New Columbia, to Jerseytown. From Buck Mountain to Rockport. _ From Bncksvillle, by Frankenileld’s Store, Kellersvrlle, and Connorsvill to Sellersv' e. Fcrom Burnt Cabin, by Fort Littleton, Maddersville, Three Springs, Cassville, Paradise-Furnace, Coffee Run, J ames’s Creek, and Connellstown, to Huntington. From Burnt Cabins to Richmond Furnace. From Burtville, by Williston, Annin Creek, and Glen, to Ceres. From Bustleton, by Byberry, to Oakford. ‘ From Butler, by Barnha.rt’s Mill Baldwin, and Bruin, to Lawrenceu . b rg B, Frpgm Bgtler, by Coultersville, Anandale, Murrinsville, Olintonville, and st an y, to Frau in. B Frlom Butler, by Evansburg, Zelienople, and Buhl’s Store, to New rig ton. From Butler, by Mount·Ohestnut, Prospect, Whitestown, Breakneck, Zelienople, Middle Lancaster, Portersville, and Princeton, to Newcast e. FTrom}Butller, by Petersburg, Evansburg, Break Neck, and Zelienople, to ew rig ton. MFLriom Butler, byH‘S)parr’s Store, Middletown, North Washington, and c a on o me n. ‘ wlgom Bittler, by Whitestown, Prospect, Portersville, and Princeton, ewcas e. From Byberry to Holmesburg. From galedonia, by,0BSnezett, and Hick’s Run, to Second Fork. om a ens urg ranberry. From Callensburg to Emlention. From Callensburg, by Loro, and Nickleville, to Oil City. From Callensburg to Rimersburg. From Cambra, by Benton, Polkville, and Lnirdsville, to Muncy. From Campton, by Herrick, Herrickville, South Hill, Orwell, North O0rgell,h¥lYe£:? Wimlharn, Igcholas, in New York, and Cantleld Corners, mr in ew or . Ftréomtgzngioton, by Le Roy, West Franklin, Franklin, Dale, and Monroe n wan a. From Canton, by Union, to Liberty. Hlgrom Carbondale, by Archbald, Blakely, Dunmore, and Scranton, fn y e ar . gram Carbpndalg by°Grle.en Grove, Waverly, Wallsville, Fleetsville, an reenvr e, o n e. From Carlisle, by igarlisle Springs, SI:errett’s Gap, Sherman’s Dale, and Warm Springs, to Lundisburg. From Carlisle, by Mount Rock, to Stoughstown.