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288 POST-ROADS. Fro S loo to S. rin Plum, in Georgia. From Télbootgs lfillsfby Homer’s Mills, Easby’s Ferry, and Brook’s Store, to nt ge. From Taylorsville, by Baker’s Gap, Casters Iron Works, and Sweet Water, in North Carolina, to Sugar rove. From Taylerrsville, by Laurel Fork, and Shaa·p’s Cross-Roads, to Abing on in irginia. _ _ From Taylorsvillc, by Shady, Holston Valley, and Paperville, to Sapling Grove, in Virginia. _ From Taylorsville, by Stony Creek, to Elizabethtown. DFrom Taylgmn, lg Taylo1r1éillle‘§int1($¢;`r&tht}Camhna, Roane’s Creek, u bert s, s a an a y, as s. (Frbm Thzewell, by Isago Bnchanan’s, and Caven Robinson’s, to Jonesville in Virginia. From Tellico Plains, by Coker Creek Beaver Murphy, in North g¤rolinabPeacb Tree, Hiawassee, Shady Grove, in corgia, and Nacoee, to larksvi F)romhTbree Forks, by Commerce, Clinton College, and Gordonsville, to art age. BIF11i0m 'liebacco Port, by Hope, and Spottswood Wi1kinson’s, to Pine in ntuo . From Trentonrby Antioch, Locust Grove, and Winston, to Dresden. From.Trenton, by Brazil, to Eaton. From Trenton, by Eaton, and Friendship, to Dyersburg. From Trenton, by Eaton, Friendship, Chesnnt Blnllf, Leasville, Woodville, Ripley Court-House, and Cane ottom, to Fulton. From Troy, by Millcnville, to Tiptonville. From Troy, by Red Foot, and Silver Top, to Compromise, in Kentucky. From Trenton, by Shiloh, and South Gibson, toJackson. From Trenton, by Yorkville, Chester, Mason Hall, Troy, and Fremont, to Hickman, in Kentucky. m nn s ross- ad yay to E5.?"' ¥.‘°".HZ·“"’¤"’ "fé';°“°'T§"i‘il?;,°° "’°’iia.,.—m.. From Union Depot, by Blorlhtsville, to Fllisville. From Union Depot to Whifds Store. From Vernon, by Dnnnington, to Bndalo. From Walnut Valley to Fillmore. From ¥'arcll’s gon VtZo6ks,3y gVhite Top, to Hilton, in North Carolina. om as in n rm s tore. From Washington, by Smith’s Cross·Roads, and Sail Creek, to Soddy. From Waverly, by Buifalo, and McCageville to Linden. From Waverly, by Rockport, Chaseville, and Farmville, to Lexington. From Waverly, by Magnolia, to Dover. From Waynesboro', by Ashland, to Linden. From Waynesboro' to Boyd’s Landing. From Waynesbord by Carrollville, to Patrick. From Waynesboro’, by Clifton, Hermitage, Decatnrville, Lexington, Jnnc,.and Cotton Grove, to Jackson. L°FrommWe;y)ngbor)o’, by Copeland, Martiu’s Mills, Giles Mills, and wryv e am nrg. From W’aynesboro’, by Factor’s Fork, West Point, Wayland S rin s . P Z o F"lorencet,°m, Alabama, Westmoreland, Cypress Inn, and Victory, to aynes . Fioni;lV:•ynesboro’, by Houston, Pleasant Valley, and Lcwryville, to Flag e Mglrom lgaynesbord, by Smith’s Fork, and Hamburgb, to Corinth, in ssissip . From Wa esborc’ by Sorby Smith’s Fork, Engles'de, Sa a nab, Adamsville, girdy, Hose Creek, ’Cranesville, Bolivar, Wan Burnt': and W1llnam’s Store, to La Gran e. From Waynesbord by Whitakeis Blnll; to Linden. From Winchester, by Hawkersville, and Cumberland, to Pelham.