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300 rosr-noans. South Hardwick, East Hardwick, Hardwick, Greensborough, and Glover, to Barton. From Montpelier, to Worcester, East Elmore, Elmore, and Wolcott, to North Wolcott. _ _ From Montpelier, by Worcester, Elmore, Morrrsville, Hyde Park, Johnson, Waterville, Bakersfield, East Fairileld, and Fairfield, to Saint Alba!] . From Moretown to North Fayston. From Morgan, by Holland, to Derby Line. From Newport, by Newport Centre, to North Troy. From_Norrisville to Danville. From Norrisville to South Danville. From North Craftsbury, by Albany, Irasburg, Coventry, Newport, We t Derby, and Derby, to Derby Line. From North Ferrisburgh to Monkton. From North Sheldon, by West Berkshire, to Berkshire. From Orwell to North Orwell. From Painesville, by Essex, Jericho, Underhill, Cambridge, and Jef- fersonville, to Johnston. From Paper Mill Village, by South Aokworth, Lempster, and East Unity, to Newport. From Passnmpsio, by South Danville, to Danville. Fro.n Pittsfield, by South Chittenden, and East Pittsford, to Rutland. From Plainfield to East Plainfield. From Proctorsville, by Cavendish, Upper Falls, Asoutneyville, and West Claremont, in New Hampshire, to Claremont. From Readsboro’, by Monroe, to Florida, in Massachusetts. From Richmond, through Huntington and the east part of Starksboroi, to Bristol. From Richmond, by Jericho Centre, to Jericho Corners. From Rutland, by Clarendon, Wallingford, South Wallingford, Danby, North Dorset, East Dorset, Factory Point, Manchester, Sunderland, Arlington, Sbaftsbury, South Shaftsbury, North Bennington, Bennington, Bennington Centre, North Hoosick, Eagle Bridge, in New York, Bnskirk’s Bridge, Johnsonville, Sohaghticoke, Tomhannock Junction, and Lansingburg, to Troy. From Rutland to Stockbridge. From Saint Albans, by East Highgate, Franklin, East Franklin, and West Berkshire, to Berkshire. From Saint Albans, by Sheldon, East Sheldon, and West Enosburgh, to Enosburgh. From Saint Albans, by Sheldon, Enosburgh Falls, and East Berkshire, to Richford. ‘ From Saint Albans to Swanton, From Saint Albans, by Swanton Centre, to Highgate. From Saint J ohnsbury to Danville. From Saint J ohnsbury, by Johnsbury East, West Concord, Concord, and Lunenburg to Lancaster, in New Hampshire. From Saint Johnsbury, by Lower Waterford, and Waterford, to- Littleton, in New Hampshire. _ From Saint J ohnsbnry, by Saint Johnsbnry Centre, Lyndon, Lyndon Centre, Sutton, Barton, Brownlngton, and Derby, to Derby Line. From Saint Johnsbury, by West Waterford, Lower Waterford, and Waterford, to Littleton, in New Hampshire. From Searsburg, by Somerset, to Bennington. From Salem, by West Rupert, to Rupert. From Sharon, by South Stratford, to Straford. From Sherbnrne, by North Sherbnrne, and Pittsfield, to Stockbridge. From Shoreham to Larrabee’s Point. From South Danville to 'West Danville. From South Fnirlee to Ely. From South Hardwick to North Craftsbnry.