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IN THE STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA. 315 From Claysville, by Fairview, to Grassland. From Clendenin, by Green Shoals, Porte1·’s Creek, and Big Sycamore, rn Cay Court-House. l-`rom Clemlenin, by Valley of Sandy and Otter Creek, to Braxton Court-House. From Clintonville, by Big Creek, Snow Hill, and 'Fowler’s Knob, to Nicholas Court·House. From Cliuronville to Falling Spring. From Cold Stream to North River Mills. H From Coleman’s Store, by Pond and 'I‘ucker’s Creeks, t6 West Courtouse. Fmm Cotton’s Store, by Knob Fork, Willow, and Randolph, to New Martinsville. From Cranberry Summit, by Guseman’s Store, Brandonville, and Harrodsburg, to Farmingdale, in Pennsylvania. From En t River to Princeton. From Elm Grove to Dallas. From Evansville, by Fellowsville, Dunnelton, Kingwood, Allbright, gdigldy Creek, Valley Point, Bruceton Mills, and Brandonville, to Somere . From Evansville, by Nestorville, and Glady Creek, to Phillippi. From Fairmont, by Farmington, Blackshires, Mannington, Beaty’s Mills, Pine Grove, and Porter’s Falls, to New Martinsville. From Fairmont, by Mill Falls, and Worthington, to Shinnston. From Fairmont, by Palatine, Sarietta, Pruntytown, Simpson’s Creek, Pheasant Creek, Phillippi, Barkeis Settlement, and Leadsville, to Bever y. From Fetterman to Saint Mary’s. From Flat Rock, by Elk Hill, Amelia Court-House, and Jetersville, to Deatonsville. _ From Flemington, by Fairview, Noah Smith’s, and Fairiield, to Maxwell’s Mills. From Florence, in Pennsylvania, by Cometsburg, and Fairview, to Wellsville, in Ohio. From the Forks of Fish Creek to Woodlands. From Fountain City to Arcadia. From Franklin, by Crab Bottom, Monterey, and Wilsonville, to Bath Court-House. From Franklin, by Doe Hill, McDowell, Clover Creek, Williamsville, and Green Valley, to Mi.lboro’ Springs. From Franklin, by Oak Flat, and Mount Clinton, to Harrisonburg. From Franklin to Mount Freedom. From Freeport, by McKinney’s, to Ritchie Court-House. From Freeport, by Newark, Wirt Court-House, Reedy Ripple, Zackville, and Sandy, to Jackson Court-House. From Freuchtou, by Rock Cave, to Mingo Flats. From Gauley Bridge, by Big Sycamore, Marshall, and Clay Court- House, to Newton. From Gauley Bridge, by Colton Hill, Fayetteville, Loop, Raleigh Court-House, Shady Springs, Jumping Branch, Pack’s Ferry, and Mouth of Indian, to Sulphur Springs. From German Settlement, by Western Ford, to Lead ville. From Girardstown to Glengary. From Girardstown, by Mill Creek, Drakesville, and Arden, to Martinsbur . ' FromgGladesville to Grundy. From Glengary, by Shokey’s, to Unger’s Store. From Glenville, by Cox’s Mills, Bone Creek, Oxford, Lawson’s Store, and White Oak, to Ritchie Court-House. From Glenville, by Townsend Mills, to Stout’s Mills. From Grafton to Bellington. From Gravel Hill to Sweet Springs