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IN THE TERRITORYPOF COLORADO. 333 From Wharton, by Tucson, Tnbae, and Caledonia, to Fort Buchanan. From Wickenburg to Vulture Mine. From Woolsey Valley, by Big Bug, Maple Shades, and Black Canon, to Wickenbnrg. IN THE TERRITORY OF COLORADO. (;·,,,,,,.,,,,,,·,—,,,,.,,,;,,,._ From Badito, by Gardner, to Colfax. 2 June ,862 0 From Badito, by Gardner, Christionie, San Isabel, and Bismarck, to 95,v. 12, 420.` Villa Grove. 14 J¤1y, 1862, c- From Badito to Spanish Peaks. 17;;,*,,,1% P-,??,? From Badito, by West Mountain Valley, to Fort Garland. ;,_;_v_1§ hi 6641., °' @m Beans Fopt, by BoggsBv;ille, to Fort Lyon. 30 Juhe, 1B64, c. m oouesvil e, by Fort ynolds Field’ Do le’ Hermosilla and 175» "· 13» P- 321 sm n.a.·., to mm · ’ S' y °’ ’ ,,."1*{2'°”z,"’°6· °· From Boulder to Caribou. é Lrdcxli, 11961 c. From Boulder to Jamestown. 191,v. 14, p. sm., From Box Elder to Running Creek. ,30 M¤¤‘¤1¤.1_86B.¢· From Breckinridge, by Hot Springs, to White River Agency. 3";,‘;,£;£ 1*,;,9 c From Cache Creek, by Pencha Pass, to Conejos. 131 v_ 1;, ’ _ ;>j;,_·,' 7 I 7 From Cachares to Walsenburg. 3:14. {gem Canon! City, by the Arkansas Route and Pass, to Camp Crit-A 225vM;*(;‘°I1:·,}€7°· °· ten en in ta . • ‘ · · From Canon City to Colfax. 2q;§?v`?ti2;’p}82?;%’_ °` GFrom Canon City, by Greenwood, Mace’s Hole, and Dodson’s, to 158 Fg., IQ}; c. reenhorn. .v· , P- · From Canon City, by South Arkansas, to Fair Play. ,5g4vL§?,y,)l?70g* °· Agrom Canon City, by Texas Creek and Pleasant Valley, to South 16 j¤,,l,,`u-312, c, ADB8S. 427, v. I7, p. 383. From Carson City to Colfax. M*f;h» Ig;} °· Fi-om osumi city to cannon. ·'· -1*- · From Central City, by Georgetown, to Argentine. From Central City, by Gold Dirt, and Gold Hill, to Boulder. From Central City to Idaho. From Central City to Silver City. From Colorado City to Canon City. From Colorado City, by Fair Play, to Hamilton. From Colorado City to Laurette. From Colorado City to Russellville. From Colorado Springs, by Easton, to G0mer’s Mills. From Colorado Springs to Fairplay. . From Conejos to Animas City, From Creswell, by Bergen Park, to Junction. From Denver to Bear Canon. From Denver to Bijou Basin. From Denver to Boulder. From Denver, by Burlington, and Laporte, to Fort Laramie. From Denver to Cheyenne. From Denver, by Colorado City, and Conejos, to Santa Fé. From Denver, by Fort Saint Vrain, to La Porte. From Denver, by Golden City, to Central City. From Denver, by Idaho, and Empire City, to Salt Lake City. From Denver, by Jeiferson, and Hamilton, to Laurette. From Denver, by Littleton, to Colorado City. From Denver, by ·Little’s Mills, Keystone, Bear Canon, and Glen Grove, to Colorado City. From Denver, by Mount Vernon, and Idaho, to Empire City. From Denver, by Mount Vernon, Hayward’s Ranch, Tollgate, Idaho, and,Empire, to Georgetown. MFrom Denver, by Pencha Pass and Conejos, to Santa Fé, in New exico.