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B8 POST·BOADS. From Waldo to Orange Springs. _ F From Wellborn, by White Springs, and Roaring Creek, to Blount’s °¤'Y· . From West Waynton, by Aspen Grove, to Abe Spring. Georgia. IN THE STATE OF GEORGIA. 3 hz-. 1854. ¤· From Alapaha, by Driver’s Hill, and Troublesome, to Jasper, in Florida. Q»¥:’;°%*?§·g5‘*§· tolgom Albany, by Chickasawhatchie, Dover, Cuthbert, and Petawla, ’_ _’eorge wn. . mievlvf fangs, e. From Albany, by Gillion’s, Concord, Pachitta, and Fall Creek, to Fort 168, v. 11% p. 124. Gaines, wg ”§°"· §» °· From Albany, by Gintown, and Pennsbor0’, to Irwinsville. mg'j,,,;,f',?3% ,,_ Gurrigpirérl, Thomasville, Duncansville, and Centrev. 1, . . V1 0, m · W F¢\>-,1, 1861, ¤· From Albany, by Moultrie, and Tallokas, to Quitman. ?7;,g·!1%,)!’· °_ From Albany, by Thomasville, Okapilco, and Morven, to Troupville. 101, ,_ 16;’,,_ 46i· From Americas, by Danville, and Drayton, to. Vienna. • 16 Jan., 1872, ¤. From Americas, by Plains of Dara, Lannahassee, and Searsville, to

 %·1;·%5-m, c. Pineville.

· From Americas to Holly Grove. {5g5V3g;: ,,_ From Americas, by Providence, to Chenuba. uv, v. 17, p. 383. From Americas by Ellaville, and Buena Vista, to Geneva. ' 3 Mlfghr 1873,*% From Athens, by Bascobel, Harmony Grove, Maysville, Gillsville, °55· " ¤ P' 58** Poplar Springs, Hugbesburg, and Dawson, to Clarkesville. From Athens, by Brooklyn, Amandaville, Montevideo, Evergreen, in South Carolina, and Rock Mills, to Anderson Court-House. mFro;mwAthens‘,, by IIg:anigsvgle}8Madis0n Springs, Franklin Springs, s . h Fr·orrétAth1e(nB by Jetiiierson, Pond Fork, Sugar Hill, and Cunningam’s ore ainesvi e. From Athens, by McClesky’s, and Ju Ta , to Ira n ’ll t Iérom Athfns, by P1anter’s Stand, Tglorxilllle, and Egg (Mills, o arnes e. From Atlanta, by Ark, Red Oak, Fair B P lm tto N a gfillow Grove, Corinth, Asbury, La Grange, gills, Lobg Cane tgvWes]t orn ·FromAtlanta,b Boltnill,M ’t Ak n a. tersville, Cassville,y Kingston ‘1daIr1;$riltle, Cgaghgutrz, Dalton,_ Tunnel Hill, Ringgold, Opelika, and Chickamauga, to Chatta: nooga, rn ennessee. HFron;u· Atlanta, by Gainesville, Sulphur Springs, and Carnesville, to W2 2332% E;'. ¥f.’32.'.$3':.L?.}”i‘r“’°°*¥‘* ?" °“%““3“* *° ”“*"°“°“ _ asous e ,‘ Rrizra, BaXl;anatr;,’a)ndI;T(;1llaé>oosa, to Jacksonviyde,i(:nwAl0s:·b?1.[:r1l1a]?gs’ Vim _ rom an d am i a Riga, and tH;ckory)Irevel,,to3C]utr)¢:llltbr11 Pblcmwm Dark Comm`, V u om ata to Wa nesvill From Augusta, by Bgrzelia, Saw Dust Lombardy Thom son Doubl lieu; Cra\g`o(r;1dsviHe,_ Union Point, Grzeensborouglr, Buckhead Mad: aiu: and Dec;;, gogpgtzn, Oxford, Conyers, Lythonia, Stone Mount- From Augusta, b K' k E · gm, vr;1.,t.§b:.,;G.£3,ri2:,y»J"[»§i1”.$*.,”é’3.?¤l?. ’¥2.°£°}’»‘3E:-.’f"£¤‘i?.}.'L‘t22; a e, ag e rove, Bowersville, d F ‘· grrgllz $:ig.a:1t$;g,]§,;;]é;:g=?1’F%c§%ry_ an ““`“°W; to Carnesvrug,

From gall Grognd, by Jasper, tdl Steam Mm. _ om araesvi e b th Rock Th mas ¤ Hill, Talbotton, Bon Ssprirfg, and’Piu‘e thDlIp1:tgie]?ridg°8, Pleasant From Battle Ground to Mount Vernon.