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IN THE STATE OF ILLINOIS. 45 Fllirolm Thomasville, by Dekeb's Store, and Glasgow, to Monticello, in ori a. From Thomasville, by Eastwood, to Miccosukee, in Florida. From Thomasville, by Okapilco, and Morven, to Troupville. From Thomasville, by Tatesville, and Greenfield, to Ocklockney. From Thompson tlc Lirécolnton. d rom ompson, y rightsboro’, Ra sville Winfield, A plin , an White Oak, to Thompson. y , P g From Toomsborough, by Milburn, Stephensville, and Cool Springs, to Laurens Hill. From Tradeis Hill to Tebeanville. From Troupville, by Clyattsville, to Bellville, in Florida. Frog; Troupville, by GriiIin’s Mills, Flat Creek, and Edentleld, to Erwins e. From Troupville, by Piscola, and Cherry Lake, in Florida, to Madison Court-House. From Tunnel Hill to Dirt Town. From Union Point, by Public Square, to Philomatb. _ From Union Point, by Woodville, Bairdstown and Maxy, to Athens. From Valdosta, by Ashley Lawson’s, to E. J. Williamsh From Valdosta, by Hahira, Berry, Wells, and Ava, to Moultrie. EF120d:: Valdosta, by Long Pond, and Swilley's Store, to Jennings, in on From Vernon, by Antioch, Wehadkee, in Alabama, Rock Mills, Roanoke, and High Pine, to Weedowee. From Vienna, by Pennsboro’, and Hahira, to Troupville. From Vienna to Vineyard. From Villa Rica, by Bumt Stand, Tallapoosa, Oak Level, in Alabama, and Rabbit Town, to Jacksonville, in Alabama. From Villa Rica to Flint Hill. From Villa Rica, by Pleasant Vale, Etna, and Cedartown, to Cave Spring. From Villa Ri by Pumpkin Vine, and Da to Powder Springs. From Villa Rig, to Van Wert. uw, From Warrenton, by Gibson, to Fenn’s Bridge. From Waresboro’ to Holmesville. From Waresboro’ to Irwinville. From Waresboro’, by Kettle Creek, to Centreville. From Waresboro’ by Ocean Wav%to Fredonia. From War·esboro’, by Saint Illa, olmesville, Piney Head, StaH`ord’s Ferry, and Watermelon, to Beidsville. From Washington, by Baker’s Ferry, to Elberton. From Washington to Centreville. From Washington, by Danburg, Petersburg, Calhoun’s Mills, in South Carolina, and Lebanon, to Abbeville, in South Carolina. From Washington to Lincolnton. From Washington, by Mallorysville, Fish Dam, and Indian Hill, to Elberton. From Washington to Rehoboth. From Way’s Station, by Ellarby’s Store, Valentine Gill’s, William Kennedy’s, and Harril|’s Store to Statesborot From Winchester, by Minerva, to Horse-Head. Belarom White Sulphur Springs, by Warm Springs, and Quito, to evue. From Young Cane, by Stock Hill, Tekenetely, and Carticay, to Talking Rock. IN THE STATE OF ILLINOIS. mama-. From Albion by Bone Gap, to West Salem. 3 Aug., 1864. ¢— From Albion: by New Massillon, and Enterprise, to Salem. gk V- I0. PP- 511- From Albion to Buxton.