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IN THE STATE OF ILLINOIS. 47 G From Bloomington, by Kickapoo, and Old Town Timber, to Cheney’s rove. From Bloomington to Paxton. From Bloomington, by Pekin, Canton, Macomb, Carthage, and Warsaw, in Illinois, to Keokuk, in Iowa. From Bloomington, by Roge1·’s Farm, Padua, Senex, Cheney’s Grove, Sodom, Lodi Station, Point Pleasant, North Fork, Jordan, and Poolsville, to Lafayette. From Bloomington, by West Wood, Eureka, Woodford, and Metamora, to Spring Bay. From Bridgeport, by Charlottesville, and New Hebron, to Robinson. From Brighton, by Piasa, Fidelity, Rhoda’s Point, Rockbridge, Fay- ette, Greenfield, Athensville, and Zion, to Jacksonville. CIF50m Brookville, by Buffalo Grove, Barclay, and Genesee Grove, to y e. From Bruceville to Streator. From Buffalo Grove, by Brooksville, White Oak Grove, and Crane’s Grove, to Freeport. From Bushnell, by Marietta, Table Grove, Vermont, Astoria, Browning, and Frederick, to Beardstown. From Cairo, to Charleston, in Missouri. From Cairo, by Santa F6, Thebes, and J. E. McArete’s, to J onesborou gh. From Cairo, by Smithland, Santa Fé, Thebes, and Thompson’s Ferry, to Cedar Creek Landing. From Cairo to Vienna. From Caledonia, by Valley Forge, Unity, and Santa Fé, to Commerce. From Caledonia, by Walbridge, to Thebes. From Caledonia Station, by Precinct, Poplar Grove, Park’s Corners, Bnrton’s Corners, South Grove, in Wisconsin, and Darien, to Delavan. From Cambridge, by Lynn, to Centre Ridge. From Camp Point, by Houston, James Sales, in two north, range seven west, Big Neck, Woodville, Chili, West Point, and James Rankin’s, to Warsaw. From Carbondale, by Jacob Mi1likin’s, and Willard’s Ferry, to Jack son in Missouri. From Carbondale to Pully’s Mill. From Carbondale, by Urbana, J. A. Williams’, and Caleb Lyrely’s, to Jackson, in Missouri. From Carlinville, by Edwardsville, to Collinsville. From Carlinville, by Honey Point, Shirleyville, Hillsb0ro’, Francisco, Hurricane, Vandalia, and Foster, to Salem. From Carlinville, by Moultonville, Mount Olive, Prairie Farm, Staunton, Taluca, Alhambra, Marine, and Saint Jacob, to Lebanon. From Carlinville, by Otter Creek, Greasy and Chapman’s Point, to Waverly. d From Carlinville, by Rhodes Point, Fidelity, and J erseyville, to Haren. V From Carlyle, by Beaver Creek, Greenville, Elm Point, and Bear Creek, to Hillsboro’. , _ From Carlyle, by Crooked Creek, Centralia Station, and Walnut Hill, to Mount Vernon. g From Carlyle, by Germantown, and Looking Glass, to Mascoutah. From Carmargo, by Miller’s Store, to Cherry Point City. _ From Carmi, by Burnt Prairie, Fairfield, New Franklin, and Hickory Hill, to Salem. » From Carmi, by McLeansboro’, to Benton. _ From Carrollton ‘by Apple Creek, Brouse’s, Bedford, Montezuma, M11- ton, and Lima, to Pittsiield. From Carrollton, by Letcherville, Greenfield, Fayette, and Chesteriield, to Carlinville. From Carrolton to New Bedford. _ From Carrolton, by Pearl and Monument, to Pleasant Hill.