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IN THE STATE OF ILLINOIS. 53 0From Junction, by Liudenwood, White Bock, and Payne’s Point, to regon. From J unctien to Saint Charles. From Kankakee to Dwight. From Kankakee, by Limestone, Rinosa, and Essex, to Gardiner. From Kankakee, by Limestone, Rinosa, and Essex, to Gmndy. From Kankakee Depot, by Aroma, Mount Langum, Democrat, and Courtright’s Mills, to Iroquois. ` From Kankakee Depot, by Bloomneld, Pierce, and Wallingford, to Green Garden. From Kankakee Depot, by Bourbonnais Grove, to Rockville. From Kankakee Depot, by Laneburg, and Lime tone, to Harle Creek. From Kankakee Depot, by Momence, to Yellow Head Grove. From Kankakee Depot, by Rinosa, Sammon’s Point, and Farmer’s Home, to Plato. From Kappa, by Money Creek, Lexington, Selma, Indian Grove, Avoca, Pontiac, Sunbury, New Michigan, Eagle, and Farm Ridge, to Ottawa. FromBKappa, by West Wood, Eureka, Woodford, and Metamora, to Spring ay. From Kaskaskia, by Ellis Grove, Preston, Risdon, Lewzburg, and Chewing, to Belleville. vuFrom Kaskaskia, by Ruma, Bed Bud, and Prairie du Long, to Bellee. From Kiethsburg, by Pope Creek, and Hendersonville, to Knoxville. b From Kiethsburg, by Sunbeam, Pope Creek, and Henderson, to Galesurg. From Knoxville, by the Fuquasa Settlement, Robbins Farm, Red Oak Grove, and Cambridge Court-House, to Geneseo. From Knoxville, by Maquon, Fairview, and Independence, to Lewiston. From Lane to Oregon. _ From Lancaster Landing, by Timber, Brunswick, Farmington, French Creek, Elmore, Littletonville, Victoria, Walnut Grove, Bishop Hill, and Red Oak, to Cambridge. From Lacon, by Sbane’s Point, and Robert’s Point, to Magnolia. From Lacon, by Steuben, Lawn Ridge, and Valley, to Wyoming. From Lacon to Toulon. From Lacon to Wenona Station. From La Harpe to Blandinsville. From Lamont, by Dupage to Naperville. From La Salle, by Todd’s Mills, Galloway, Readin g, Long Point, and Rook’s Creek, to Pontiac. From La Salle, by Arlington, Lamoille, May Hill, Bingbampton, Shelburne, and Amboy, to Dixon. _ From Lawrenceville, by Old Farm, Flat Rock, and New Hebron, to Robinson. From Lawrenceville, by Petty’s, Stringtewn, Saint Marie, Newtown, and Bose Hill, to Greennp. From Lawrenceville to Robinson. From Lena, by Howardsvllle, Granville, Millville, Mount Summer, and Thatcher, to Baltimore. From Louis Kuder’s to Rantoul. From Lewistown, by Cuba, Fiatt, and Ellisville, to Avon. From Lewistown, by Cuba, Flatt, Ellisville, and Troy Mills, to Saint Augustine. From Lewistown to Lincoln. From Leyden Centre, by Mainville, Elk Grove, Plum, Palatine, and Shaumburgh, to Barrington. From Lisbon, by Ohio Farm, to An Sable. From Louisv1lle to Xenia. From Louisville to Maysville.