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58 POST-ROADS. From Pittsfield, by Martinsburg, and Pleasant Hill, to Clarksville. From Pittslleld, by Molton, to Montezuma. _ _ From Pittsfield, by New Hartford, Atlas, and Rockford, to Louisiana. From Pittslield, to New London, in Missouri. From Plainiield, by N aausay, to Oswego. _ From Plattville, by Kendall, and Specie Grove, to Yorkville. From Plymouth, by Fountain Green, to La Harpe, _ From Polo, by Mount Morris, Oregon, and Daysville, to Franklin. From Pontiac to Chatsworth. _ From Pontiac, by Rook’s Creek, and Nebraska, to Minonk. From Prairie City, by Arlowe, Burnsville, J ob’s Creek, and Mustean’s Grove, to Lu Harpe. From Preston to Chester. From Princeton, to Tiskilwa, connecting with the Chicago and Burlington Railroad and the Chicago and Rock Island Railroad, by Wya.nnet, Buda, Nepouset, Dora, Mendota, Sheilield, Geneseo, Rock Island, Trenton, Peru, and La Salle. From Princeton to Walnut. From Pulaski, by Elm Grove, Clayton, Walker’s Neck, Buck Horn, and White Oak Springs, to Perry. From Quincy, by Burton, Liberty, Fairweather, Beverly, Belmont, New Salem, New Marysville, and Griggsville, to Naples. From Quincy, by Columbus, Camp Point, Clayton, Mount Sterling, Versailles, and Meredosia, to Jacksonville. From Quincy, by Mendon, Woodville, Chili, Rough and Ready, Carthage, Webster, Fountain Green, Friendship, and Argyle, to Macomb. From Quincy, by Mill Creek, to Douglasville. From Quincy, by Millville, Kinderhook, Rockport, Atlas, Pleasant Vale, Pleasant Hill, Bayville, Fairview, and Hamburg, to Hardin, and returning up the bottom-lands of the Illinois River to Shafer’s Store, thence to Vedder, Newport, Harpole’s School-House, Bayville, and back on the same route to Quincy. From Quincy, to Palmyra, in Missouri. From Quincy, by Payson, and Richfield, to Barry. · From Quincy, by Ursa,Marcelline, Lima, Rocky Run, Warsaw, and Hamilton, to Keokuk, in Iowa. bcgrom Raleigh, by Bankston, Independence, and Somerset, to Elizatown. , From Raleigh, by H. Gardner’s, W. N. Mitehell’s, and Tho. Saunder’s, to Marion. From Raleigh, by Griswold, to McLeansbor0’. t Richmond, by Elgin, Clintonvllle Junction, and Cottage Grove, 0 1 1C2·g0• From Richmond, to Milwaukee, in Wisconsin. From Ridge Farm, by Indianola, New Homer, and Sidney, to Urbana. From Riley to Genoa. - From Roaring Springs, by Linton, to Murray. From Robinson, by Eaton, and Anderson, to Marshall. From Robinson, by Hardinsville, Chauncey, and Sumner, to Mier. From Robinson to Martinsville. From Robmson, by Oblong, and Willow Hill, to Newton. From Rock City, by Rock Grove, Josephine, and Shueyville, to MTU0B. Roekf rd b N d From o ,. y ew Milfor , Kilbuck and Lindenwoo to Lane. From Rock I land, by Camden Mills, Orion, aud Cambridgg, to Bum’s. From Rock Island, by Camden Mills, Pleasant Ridge, Hazlet, Hamlet, P)e:;_yt<£1, Aleldo, Ne; Boston, Keithsburg, Oquawka, Sage- ., oppes 1, ooen ina it Dallas i Appanoose, to Fort Madison, in’Iowa?p y, r C ty, POM00am, and K£rlo;nNR:ck Island, by Camden, Pleasant Ridge, and Milletsburg, to From Rock Island, by Camden, Prnirielield, Richland Grove, Meriden,