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60 POST-ROADS. From Shawneetownk along the middle road, known as the CJ’P*`°8¤ Road to David Keasle s. From Shawneetown, by Equality, Raleigh, Dorrenee, Cave, Benton, Crittenden, Pleasant Shade, Mount Hawkins, Banesburg, Nashville, Plum Hill, Akin, and Mascautah, to Belleville. From Shawneetown, by Poland, Duncantnn, Rattle Snake, Mcbeansboro’, Palo Alto, and Moore’s_Prairre, to Mount Vernon. _ From Shawneetown, by Saline Mines, Martha Furnace, Elizabethtown, Rosinclaire, and Rock Quarry, to Golconda. _ From Shelbyy by Coal Spring, Jericho, and Van Buren, to Greenville. From Shelbyville, by Cochran’s Grove. Bethsaida, Arno, Charéeeton, Hitesville, Grand View, Paris, Eldridge, New Market, and Saint ary’s, to Terre Haute. From Shelbyville, by Ewington, and Stringtown, to Newton. _ From Shelbyville, by Fruit Hill, Cold Spring, Beck’s Creek, Bowlmg Green, and Higgan s, to Vandalia. _ _ From Shelbyville, by Holland, Accommodation, and Moccasm, to Freemanton. _ From Shelbyville, by Stone Coal, Woodlawn, Pana Station, Audubon, and East Fork, to Hillsboro’. From Shelbyville, by Todd’s Point, and Prairie House, to Moawequa. From Shelbyville, by Todd’s Point, to Marrowbone. From Smithton, by Floraville, to Waterloo. From Sparta, via Shiloh Hill, to Jones Greek. From Sparta, by Steel’s Mills, Bradley, and Worthington, to Murphysboro?. From Sparta, by Texas, and Red Bud, to Waterloo. From Springfield, by Athens, Petersburg, and Chandlersville, to Beanstown. _ From Springfield, by Athens, Petersburg, Robinson’s Mill, Bath, and Havana, to Lewistown. From Springfield, by Berlin, Orleans, Jacksonville, Bethel, and Exeter, to Naples. From Springfield, by Budalo-Heart, Mount Pulaski,} Clinton, and De Witt, to Santa Anna. From Springfield, by Clear Lake, Mechanicsburg, Decatur, Oakley, Cerro Gordo, Monticello, Urbana, Saint J oseph’s, Homer, and Danville, to Covington, in Indiana. From Springfield, by Groveland, Delavan, Prairie Creek, and Middletown, to Peoria. From Springtleld, by Horse Creek, and Bush Creek, to Virden. From Springiield, by Richland, Pleasant Plains, Lancaster, Virginia, Beardstown, Frederickville, and Pleasant View, to Bushville. From Springfield, by Rochester, Taylorville, and Prairie Bird, to Shelbyville. From Springfield, by Salisbury, Petersburg, and Panther Creek, to Belardstogn. gu b ·rom prin eld Salisbu , Petersbur , Panther C k, and Chandlersville, to Beardstown. ry g No From Springneld, by Salisbury Middletown, Prairie Creek, Delavan, Dillon, Pekin, Tremont, and Wesley City, to Peoria. From Springfield, by Shelbyville, Ewington, Stringtown, Newton, Saint Marie, and Lawrenceville, to Vincennes, in Indiana. From %pringBgl,1bybTa`ylorville, and 'Owaneeo, to Pana. rom pring i , eiYerson’s Corners, Yorkto n, Truxton, and Enon, to Igrineeton. W Winnebago, From Staunton to Highland. From Sterling, by Union Grove, to Albany. From Sterling to Yorktown. From Sullivan, by Union Prairie, to Arcola. From Sullivan to Union Store. From Sycamore to De Kalb Centre.