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88 POST-ROADS. From Montezuma to Malcomb. — _ FromMontezuma,byMill(}rove,(}ran\’illc,t\¤dP toPclla. From slionticello, by Castle Grove, Pramebnrgflzmdcr, Waubcc, and Jordan’s Crove, to Marion. ta P , From Monticello, by new Buffalo, and Mill, _ ans. _ FromMontrose,by Ambrosra,and String Prarrre,to Saint Francisville, in Missouri. From Moulton to Centreville. From Mount Ayr, to Corning. From Mount 1A1yr, by Etugene, to Abou. t easant Arnsw' . From Mgt Pleasant, by Brighton, to Oskaloosa. From Mount Plcasantkby Trenton, and Gcrmanville, to_Brighton. _ Fain Mount Pleasant, Trenton, Marshall, an] Mar·cellns,toWashm u. From Mount Pleasant, by New London, Wayne, Crawfordsville, Amboy, Davis Creek, Yatton, and Sevrmty-Eight, to Iowa Crty. From Mount Vernon, by Lindon and Padding:,;, to Wapsa. FoFdrom Mount Vernon, by New London, and drngton, to Clark’s

 by Bufalo Prairie, Millersburg, and Aledo, to Monmouthois.

D“From Muscatine, by Fairport, West Buffalo, and Rockingham, to vcnpcrt. Frglm M 0nona, Columbus City, Amboy, Washington, an gourney o oosa. NFmui§nMm¢aunehjbly Pike, Seventy-Seven, Yatton, Bichmond, and orth §IlBb· , to ershurv. From Muscatine, by Strawberry Hill, Columbus City, Pottsville, Amboy, Vgashinglton, (Butch CreekwValley, Lancaster, Sigourney, Spring- , opew an Bose Hill, Oskaloosa. C From Nashria, by Bradford, Chickasaw, Deeriield, and Bnsti, to resco. From Nashua, by Bradford, Chickasaw, North Washington, and Busti, toNCrel;co. mm From eo to wood. From New Boston, in Illinois, by Wapello, Washington Lancaster Oskaloosa, Knoxville, Indianola, and Wmtmsefitw Blufs. ’ From Newbury, by Hartland, and Bristol, to orthward. From New Jeferson, by lake City, and Raccoon Fork, to Bac City. From New Oregon 3 Austin, in Minnesota. From 6W0mg0n Preston, inMmn' esota. · From New oregon,b VU S 'n LimGl Rock m,...-m., me Le 1;.,,*2. .r°.‘§'.;31'.,i.}"Yfr.;€.‘?’..° “""‘“· °“ ’ From New Sharon to Union Mills. Km" §2¥"¥£;T:,2,""f: ..1.. v .., t. B...]. ur Y IB · FromNewton byMonroe,BedBcek, |mdKnoxvill toAIbi From Newton, by Nevada, Smithville, and Homer, atb Fort Btrdge. From Newton, by Pella, Amsterdam, Knoxville, and Chariton, to Ggdrom iz} wto b Pleasantville, · m e n y to Chari l;!`:!!: Newton: by road, to Nevatflla m 1 Y of68k, to MAHBZCL From Nevada, by Iowa Centre, Peoria, and Gmencastle,`to Colfax. From Nrobrara, by Ponka Reserve, to Chimney Bock. From Nodaway, by Centre, to Maryville, in Missouri. From Nodaway, by Montgomery, to Macedonia. E2 §'3.`l‘r¥‘.Y.'L.'B“£”§‘°.'1i°° *“°J..."“* u n, incsota. From North Gord nvill Mmmm wood, by o e, and Slrellroek, to Albert Lea, iu